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With the increasing popularity of high-waist pants, shorts, leggings, and other bottoms, it seems that most tops are now designed with a crop style. Most modern women and girls are accustomed to rocking crop tops with high-waist denim shorts during the summer, but the trend of crop styles will not stop because of the cold weather. Wholesale womens sweaters are designed as crop styles have become more and more common and trendy.

Sweaters are supposed to keep you warm in the cold weather, but the crop style seems a bit contradictory. So, what should they do if they barely brush past the belly button? Despite the controversy, the cropped sweaters do allow you to keep wearing your favorite high-waist bottoms and stay stylish all year long. Since the intuition of cropped sweaters is difficult to understand, it can be hard to figure out how to use them to create chic garments that you can actually wear without freezing. If you want to try out this trendy sweater style, keep reading to learn how to throw on your crop sweaters in a variety of different ways.

  1. Wear Crop Sweater with Mini Skirt

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    Wearing a mini skirt with a crop sweater can create an unexpected, stunning look, which combines elements from two different seasons for a fashionable and feminine appearance. You can wear a crop sweater and a mini skirt no matter the whether is warm, cool or cold. When warming outdoors, leave your legs bare and pair your attire with heeled sandals to maintain your look balanced. While during the cold days, add tights or leggings underneath your skirt to keep you warm. Wear high-heeled booties or lace-up sneakers for a streamlined finish. Add an infinite scarf around your neck as a focal point to complete the whole look.
  2. Take Care of Your Bust

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    For women with a larger bust, wearing a crop sweater will bring a series of different challenges. The thick material and loose cut of this sweater style can make women with large busts look top-heavy and create an illusion that their abdomen is wider than it actually is. But this doesn’t mean that women with large bust sizes shouldn’t wear crop sweaters. So if you have large breasts, try looking for a sweater made of a thinner material to minimize the width. Plus, make sure that you always wear your crop sweater with form-fitting bottoms to show off your body curve.
  3. Pair it with Pencil Skirt for a Professional Look

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    The crop sweater does not seem to be part of a professional look by itself, but you can easily make it appropriate for the office when you pair it with the right clothes. Specialize the sweater by matching it with a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts can complement the crop sweaters, as their tight cut balances the loose style of sweaters. These skirts are the pretty way to effortlessly dress up a cropped sweater without sacrificing fashion sense or comfort. Add a coordinating belt and heels for a chic and elegant look. If you want to make your outfit more eye-catching, go for a patterned pencil skirt to add interest to the appearance.
  4. Create a Casual Look

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    You can create the look with your crop sweater that are pretty comfortable, casual, and stylish. Some of the most fashionable and flattering of these looks are very simple, because sometimes less is more. Pairing a cropped sweater with high-waist jeans to create a classic casual look. The choice of this kind of clothing is obvious, but the fact that its expectations will not reduce its fashion trend if you style it properly. Opt for well-fitting jeans and make them rise directly below the hem of the sweater.
  5. Use Complementary to Finish the Look

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    The structure of the square, loose-fitting crop sweaters might seem unpleasant at first glance. However, cropped sweaters can modify your figure very well if you pair them with the right bottoms. Always make sure that you appearance has contrast, including a cropped sweater. Wear well-fitting bottoms to offset the loose, baggy look of your sweater. Tight jeans and skirts can make your legs look slender and well-proportioned. When you’re rocking your jeans, add a belt. This accessory shows off your body curves and the contrast between your tight waistband and loose sweater makes your waist look smaller than it actually is.
  6. Add Interest to Your Crop Sweater

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    Making your crop sweater more interesting by adding accessories and other embellishments, which can help you maintain a balanced look and contribute to its sense of fashion. There are so many different ways to make your crop sweaters more interesting and eye-catching. Look for sweaters that feature patterns rather than solid colors. Patterned sweaters make your outfits more attractive, and they can also prevent you from appearing top-heavy or wide. If your crop sweater with a deep v-neck, try adding a striking pendant to add an unexpectedly refined and feminine look.


Crop sweater is fun, versatile, and comfortable, and is still the darling of the fashion industry. They’re basically the ideal pieces of the cold-weather garment. Opt for crop sweaters from wholesale womens clothing supplier She Star to create some of the looks above to wear to a wide range of occasions from a day at the office to a formal party.

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