More than 40.0% of the web around the globe is powered by WordPress that means WordPress is the digital market leader despite technology revolution and new agencies providing web building platform. You can also extract from this that there are thousands of different themes, plugins, and technologies ae existing in the market. But the speed of the web browser and responsiveness of the website over different screens is an issue  For the everyday WordPress user, this can quickly turn into horror when their website begins to bottleneck and they don’t know why or even where to start troubleshooting.

Why do you need speed for WordPress?

Many reasons are alarming causing major considerations for you:

  • Search engines (like Google) rank websites with fast-loading times above the slow-loading ones. So, if you wish to boost your position within the SERPs, rising speed ought to be one of your priorities.
  • Studies have shown that site-loading speed of quite two seconds sometimes ends up in concerning 47 % of tourists bouncing off the website. So, to stay concerning half your guests interested, you must speed up your WordPress.
  • Online patrons are the foremost impatient lot; they expect the page to load among a second. So, if you’re running an associate e-commerce store on WordPress then you higher prepare to create major enhancements therefore your business will be a lot of profitable. 

How do you test website speed?

Some of the key factors affecting website speed are;

  • Size of that web page,
  • Number of requests it generates
  • If cached or not
  • The content it hosts

The homepage of an internet site is sometimes used as a benchmark to check the load time. to visualize the speed of an internet site, the subsequent 3 tools are used extensively across the web like WebPageTest, Tools Pingdom, PageSpeed Insights. 

How to speed up the WordPress website

Although the internet speed and technology used to build a website is very important, and you can change the traditional website development method using headless WordPress instead of traditional WordPress and adding in Static site generators. Like Jamstack technology-based websites are based on static site generators to build frontend using ReactJS frameworks and Gatsby and Next is a big example of it. While on the other hand, the backend is based on headless CMS like Headless WordPress, Contentful, Strapi, and more such platforms. 

Some of the ways of speeding up the WordPress CMS are noted below;

  1. Good Hosting

It might appear to be an honest plan to host your new website on a shared hosting supplier that provides “unlimited” information measure, space, emails, domains, and a lot of. However, the purpose that we tend to typically miss out on concerning this supply is that shared hosting environments fail to deliver smart loading times on peak traffic hours.

  1. Enhanced Framework and theme

The modern designs that include the features justifying the industrial need, the Jamstack technology support the decoupled logicpin approach wherein the WordPress is headless WordPress and frontend is not bound to be build using old frameworks as they are based on the Static Site generators build using ReactJS frameworks like Gatsby and Next. 

  1. Advance Cache Mechanism

If you are using the traditional mechanism, Gatsby WordPress caching plugins are there for a protracted time, creating the complicated tasks of adding caching rules to your website parts easier. Combining such plug-ins with advanced caching mechanisms like Varnish might assist you higher the loading speed of your website and ultimately speed up WordPress significantly. While in Jamstack Themes technology the Static site generators and CDNs play an important role and you get an updated website every time you publish.

  1. Using CDN

The folks that visit your website belong to varied locations within the world, and uncalled-for to mention, the JAMstack website-loading speed can take issue if the guest’s measure is placed far from wherever your site is hosted. There are several CDN (Content Delivery Networks) like Netlify and Vercel that facilitate keeping the site-loading speed to a minimum for guests from numerous countries. A CDN keeps a replica of your stackground website in numerous data centers placed in several places. The first performance of a CDN is to serve the web page to a visitor from the closest doable location. Cloudflare and MaxCDN are also among the foremost well-liked CDN services.

  1. Reduced image files

Although the problem is automatically resolved in headless WordPress wherein the front-end is based on static site generators like Gatsby and Next. 


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