Atlanta has many incredible places. It would be pleasant walking there accompanied by a guide, gradually surveying the reliable sights. The silent area of ​​Cabbage town shown on the map uses to be famous to fans of street art. 

You can walk for hours through its winding streets flattering vast colorful paintings. It would make still more impressions than a visit to a contemporary art gallery. You are an art lover then you need to book your ticket on Air Canada España teléfono to reach Atlanta. The colorful graffiti that adorns the walls of the old industrial buildings looks incredibly realistic.

Authentic street art is not the only feature of the old industrial zone. A few of the old structures, which have been covering a functioning plant, use to be being transformed into housing complexes these days. There used to be astounding shops and restaurants in a few buildings. Where you can do rest and take the meal as per your requirements.

Atlanta – Ideas On Extraordinary Attractions And Sites

Visiting Westin Observation Deck

You can get a bird’s eye view of Atlanta’s architecture by checking into the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, which is located in the city center. Each room has panoramic windows offering beautiful views. And in the same skyscraper, in the rotating Sun Dial restaurant located on the 72nd floor, there is an excellent observation deck. 

You will rise to it on a high-speed elevator with a glass wall. If you are a guest of the hotel, you will be able to get up for free. These facilities help you to save your money in your trip so you can use them any other place. Standing on the site in sunny weather, you will admire the city and take beautiful unique photographs.

Descent From A Mountain Made Of Artificial Snow

If you cannot imagine your life without snow and winter entertainment, then even in warm Atlanta you can enjoy such fun. Here, from December to February in Stone Mountain Park, special cannons spray artificial snow made from local lake water on the slides. 

You can climb such a slide on a conveyor belt if you want to do something adventurous on your trip. And to slide off it, you have two options now it depends on what you like more. From my suggestion, if you are on a trip with your friends then you need to go both.

Dick’s Creek Fishing and Swimming

In Atlanta, you can spend a summer day by heading to Dick’s Creek, which is cool even in the heat. It passes through rapids that form beautiful ledges. Between them, there are places with sand at the bottom, suitable for swimming. Plunge into the water and feel invigorated and energized. 

You can also go fishing, as Dick’s Creek is home to trout. However, keep in mind that fishing requires a license. And if you get tired of swimming and fishing, just take a walk along the bank of the stream. Here, everywhere you will feel a pleasant coolness and admire beautiful plants, such as the wild rhododendron, which is a relative of the azalea.

Tubing on the Chattahoochee River

The Chattahoochee River flows through Atlanta, it is shallow and not intended for navigation. And you can’t walk along its bank, since there is no embankment. But the river has a fast flow on the shallows, so on a hot day, you can do tubing. We all know that at times of hot season this is one of the best activities to do.

The entertainment is popular with locals and is a whirlpool ride down Chattahoochee. There are several companies operating here, from which you can rent an inflatable ring in pink, yellow, green, or blue. You will have to pay for it from 3 to 5 dollars for that which is payable for this amazing experience.

Canoeing on the lake

Come to Cherry Lake and rent one of the many lakeside cabins, or spend the night at the Indian Rock shelter in the woods. Then you can have fun canoeing with one oar. They are the most commonly used in Atlanta so book your Air Canada Reservations to visit this place for your trip.. 

In the summer, there is fog over the surface of the lake in the mornings. It is this time that is considered the most suitable for canoeing. Walking along the surface of Cherry Lake, you will see a picturesque landscape and a small chapel, which makes the coast look even more beautiful.


Let discuss how to spend your best weekend in Atlanta with your friends and family. Here we have given you some ideas on extraordinary attractions and sites. You should visit all these places once when you are on your trip to Atlanta. Hope my above-given information will make your trip wonderful without any hassle. Please share your experience with us in the comment below section.

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