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Flexfit has brought Californian vibes to Australia with their awesome headgear. Known for its great fits and quality weave, Flexfit Australia is loved by sports fans and fashion followers alike. Whether you need a bucket hat for fishing, cap for golf, snapback for basketball (or just looking cool) or beanie for the Australian winter months ahead, Flexfit crafts each of their hats with durable fabric and cool-dry technology that is certain to top the other hat options out there. Australia has a pretty varied climate so owning a few good hats is essential to your wardrobe.

Now that loungewear and comfort clothing has gone mainstream, the beanie has moved from outdoor-only bad-weather wear to a daily staple. Not only does the current trend toward beanies highlight how good they look, it also reminds us how warm and toasty they make us feel. They say we lose most of our body heat through our head, so whether you have long or short hair, a beanie will get you through to summer. While some people are scratching their heads over how the beanie went high fashion, over here we who appreciate utility and sports style are completely unsurprised.

However, not a lot of thought went into how we styled the beanie until we started wearing them more often. Now that we wear them for everything from Zoom meetings to going to the shops for milk and for runs in the park, we want to put more effort into our head wear.

Mostly it’s simple enough matching a beanie to your t-shirt or jacket, but what if you also wear glasses? Since Australia doesn’t get any less bright even in winter, we thought we should put together our top tips for wearing beanies with shades:

Clear or computer glasses

A thick brightly coloured beanie like the Flexfit Folded Beanie in Furnace is definitely eye-catching but can fast become too much when worn with glasses. We recommend wearing clear glasses with this kind of beanie so you don’t overwhelm the face and keep people’s attention on your hat.

Thick rimmed glasses

For those who prefer thick rimmed glasses the simple beanie is for you.  Not only is this beanie a classic, it’s also sleek enough for your style-focused eye-wear. Thick rimmed glasses can be heavy on the face, so a simple slim-fitted beanie in a dark colour is a good way to balance your frames.

Large frames

If you’re someone who likes extra big sunglasses or large novelty frames then you’ll need a slouch fit beanie to suit your look. Slouchy beanies have more room at the top so they accommodate larger styles on the face by lengthening the head. Sometimes more is more.

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