Most of the guys look horrible in the cool graphic tees due to improper styling, and no one has ever been shy of pointing this. But what if the guys become aware of the ways regarding how to style such t-shirts. There even are the most stylish ways to have a rocking look in the graphic tee. 

·       Key to style the graphic tees: The fit

The essential thing while opting for any graphic tee is to check how it fits you. Make sure it is neither too big nor too long. You need to get something that is a bit contoured to your body. 

The tee’s fit will be perfect when you can pinch between 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of the stomach. Also, the length should end around your hip. It should be no lower than the top and middle of your back pocket, and if it is covering your butt, it is too long. 

·       Choose wisely

There exist good and bad graphic tees; what makes a tee a good one?

The most important thing at this point is the message you try to convey through the graphic print. Opt for the graphic that either says something unique as per your thoughts or is a great picture. 

The base of a good graphic tee must be plain black or white, not colored or tie-dyed. A beautiful picture may be ruined with a colored background. There are no distractions with the graphic with white or black color and a proper focus on it.

  • Style graphic tees with layers 

The tee with a black or white base color can be paired easily with other items in your wardrobe. You can pair your tee with a pullover, jean jacket or a blazer, or a sports jacket. 

People think a graphic tee is too casual such that it can be dressed up to a certain point. It is not necessary. You can also style a graphic tee with a suit. For example, if your graphic tee has a white base, you can pair it with a suit and minimalist white sneaker. 

·       Get correct footwear

The best shoe to wear with a graphic tee is the casual one. Imagine pairing a graphic tee with black balmoral oxford; not a good idea. You can try out a minimalist sneaker, a white one, or a black one as per your tee base. 

It is a great idea to make your graphic pop as well as your outfit. You can also rock with casual shoes such as Chelsea boots or derby. Pairing these with jeans than trousers avoid too much formality. 

·       Style graphic tees with correct accessories

There are tons of options to pair accessories with graphic tees. It can be fun accessorizing the cool graphic tees. You can try a cool hat to have a sleeker and regale look. 

If your graphic tee has some color inside it, you can go with casual belts or watch bands of that color. 


These were a few tips and tricks to styling your cool graphic tees perfectly. Go with the one that matches your personality and goes best on you. 

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