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Watches are timeless. The essence of having time be with you is unparalleled and satisfactory. There is more value and sentiments attached to watches, as one might think. For the same reason, it is vital to take care of the entity that rests perfectly on your wrist. Watches can be expensive and have specifications unheard of ever before. Whether digital or analog, all watched need looking after and proper care so they can tread a beautiful journey with you.

How can you take care of your watch?

Now that we are on the same track with accepting that watches do, in fact, need care, let us dive into the how’s? Watches are delicate and, more often, costly. Some are rare pieces of art, closely depicting the personality of an individual. Watches complete your look and are the perfect companion for your wrist. To take care of them and ensure that they maintain their strength throughout, you could:

  • Lubrication: A well-lubricated watch works better and longer. You must also ensure to wind your watch. The more important thing to know is not to wind your watch on your wrist. This is because if you try to reach for the crown of the watch while it is on your wrist, it may bend or break, which is not the most pleasurable thing. Wind your watch simultaneously every day before or after you have worn it, preferably before, because that makes more sense.
  • Absolutely, totally avoid soap: If anybody tells you to wash your watch with soap and water, you might want to rethink relationships. Soap is a big NO when it comes to the regular cleaning of your watch. If your watch is waterproof, you can use light water with a soft cloth to clean it. However, soap, in any case, is off the table. It is even advisable to go for professional cleaning, keeping an optimal time gap between two clean-ups to ensure the better condition of your watch.
  • Utilize your warranty: Expensive and high-performing watches come with a warranty. This means you can get your watch repaired and maintained for as long as the warranty applies. However, a lot of times, people overlook the advantages a contract has. There is subjection as to what all clauses of a warranty entails. However, most of them cover a certain speculated time period, within which if your watch needs repair, it will be for free. You can also apply for a replacement if you are not satisfied with the performance of the watch, and if a clause in the warranty covers replacement, it will be advantageous for you.
  • Strap change: Change your straps regularly. Some people like to do it to change the vibe and appearance of the watch; some people do it because the straps get worn out, while others are watch geeks, and they love to experiment. In any case, ensure that you look for a professional service that can help you maintain your watch. Instead of barging in with a sharp knife, professional services use the right tool to deal with your precious watch.