How to Upgrade Your Tiny Apartment- 6 Easy Ways

How to Upgrade Your Tiny Apartment- 6 Easy Ways

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Decorating your living space is always exciting but can be daunting. If you have a small apartment, you must be wondering where to start the up-gradation of your living. Whether you own the apartment or are a long-term renter, you must want to make your apartment feel like a polished home. You can make your small apartment that will work well in all conditions by wisely adding just a few stylish items. You can follow plenty of ideas to get a nice upgrade that will apply to your living situation.

Table of content

  1. Add wallpapers
  2. Flooring is no more a problem
  3. Impact your bedroom
  4. Treat your window
  5. Install a picture rail
  6. Create a functional kitchen wall- DIY
  1. Add wallpapers

When it comes to wallpapers, most people have seen peel and stick wallpapers. You can also use temporary wallpapers to put on your wall and then easily remove them. You are probably wondering whether these temporary wallpapers work, so the answer is an absolute yes. Not only do they do work, but they also come in so many different options, whether you are looking for a water mural or something geometric. The peel and stick property of wallpapers attract the attention that looks like little subway tiles. 

If you are looking for something graphic, more textured, and more depth, you can also use a DIY removable fabric wall. For this, all you need is to get liquid starch in a paint tray and apply it with the foam roller. Apply this solution over the fabric onto your wall and roll it right. The fabric wall usually dries overnight and feels like a canvas at the end. 

How to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger
  1. Flooring is no more a problem.

Flooring has an extensive range to choose from. If you own your place, make sure to invest in fixed flooring. The wiser choice is to go with Carrara white marble if you choose marble. This will not only make your floor a new look but also enhance the luxuriousness of your space. On the contrary, if you have a bad floor in your apartment or want to replace your flooring, you can consider sticky vinyl mats to lay over the floor. These sticky mats work equally for bathrooms, the kitchen, and even walls. 

If you are trying to disguise your old and horrible-looking tiles, you can surely think about their replacement. You can also swap out your cabinet door knobs and upgrade them because these are the things that are being touched every day. You can also upgrade your kitchen faucet. By doing the necessary replacement, you can repurpose your kitchen finish. 

  1. Impact your bedroom

The bedroom should be the most comfortable place to relax and spend your time comfortably. To upgrade your bedroom, you do not need a fancy budget. You can do this by simply upgrading your bed to an upholstered panel headboard look. Depending on the heights of the wall, you can put the artwork on the walls. Add some cool LED light strips into your closet to light up your clothes and accessories. 

  1. Treat your window

Windows are the essential part of any home, either small or large. Give your window a nice treatment. If you have blackout panels, you can use a soft gauzy shear. Suppose you have already installed the blinds in place, you could easily pull the blinds right up and layer the further treatments over them. If you want to swap out the blinds to add more texture, you can use the bamboo blinds or linen roman shades. It is a quick fix, but it visually makes a world of difference. 

  1. Install a picture rail

Shelves and cupboards are so significant in any room and help organize the entire room. Instead of floating shelves, you can try a long picture rail with multiple functionalities. You could use it for your photos, frames, placing your books, and even having a really cute candy holder. There are so many different ways you can use your picture rail. The longer you get, the more options you will be having. 

  1. Functional kitchen wall-DIY

Most people focus on painting a room, but many people do not want to invest all their time, energy, effort, and money in their kitchen. You can create a quick fix to paint a portion of the wall. You can use painter’s tape to mark out a large rectangular shape on the wall. Use your aesthetics to create the position of your design and shapes. Following the design, you can install wire baskets, wood boxes or use them to house a bottle opener. By creating this DIY functional wall in your kitchen, everything will become pretty organized. Also, your kitchen will have a decent accent architecture. 

Final thoughts

Whether you own or pay rent for your living, balancing the living with trends is critical. Apartments do not allow you to add so much stuff; instead, you have a limited choice. Carara white marble is a great option for any flooring, but it looks astonishing in smaller places. Make sure to create a simple but nicely designed seating area for your guest. An area rug can define a space with such detail; if you have already installed a carpet, you can layer the area rug right over the carpet.

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