Here is How to use a custom backdrop at your next trade show:

1) Take a look around the trade show and find out what all of the other booths are using for their backdrop. 

2) Find an area where your custom backdrop looks good. Think about how it will fit in with the rest of booth (if you’re not customizing every aspect of your booth, like specifying custom signs and custom table covers, then at least have custom backdrops). 

3) Have a friend hold up your custom backdrop while looking casual and bored! It makes it more realistic if they aren’t trying to pose or smile too much. Plus it’s just a little odd to have someone smiling into a camera when they don’t know anybody is watching… 

4) There is another person at your custom backdrop, this time wearing a custom shirt that matches your custom backdrop.

5) This custom backdrop person is looking directly into the camera and smiling with their custom backdrop behind them. Just like how you would look when you put your custom photo on your custom mug! 

6) okay now people are really getting into it and having fun just as they should be at a trade show where you’re trying to convince potential customers to buy from you since there’s no way we can do anything creative in an office… 

7) You’ve got business cards ready, custom brochures printed and custom backdrops for all of those selfies with your happy customers who will surely want to share those photos online so everyone knows they love buying from you and only you! 

8) It’s time to go home and relax after a long day of custom backdrops and those custom brochures were just the right amount of custom. Now you can put your custom photo as your custom screensaver and think about all of those custom backdrops that made this such an amazing show!

Keep in mind: there are so many different ways to personalize custom backdrops for trade shows; we can’t possibly list them all here! Well, we could but it would likely be much more than 8 steps and far less relevant than looking at some real life examples. So let us know if any of this work for you or what changes you might make to fit your own style. Then pass it on because images like this are custom made for social media!

See? Custom backdrops are the perfect way to get ahead of the curve at your next trade show – custom backdrops aren’t just for selfies anymore. 


When should I use custom backdrops at my trade show?

Anytime you want custom photos, custom video or custom whatever else you can think of!

How long will it take to receive my custom backdrop order?

Once you’ve approved the digital proof, your custom backdrop order will arrive in 3-4 weeks after production is complete.

Can I get a custom backdrop that covers an entire wall?

Of course, our custom backdrops are all made custom (even the word ‘custom’ itself was custom for this post!) and can be any size or shape that fits your brand best! But if it’s not possible to ship your custom backdrop anywhere, we also offer full design services for creating completely unique. Just ask us how!

Are custom backdrops the same as custom banners?

Yes, custom backdrops can also be custom banner stands. Our custom photo booths are custom designed to fit almost any custom backdrop or custom banner. We love customizing every aspect of your experience so please let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen!

Can I still get my company logo printed on the side of the custom backdrop?

Of course, our digital printing services include unlimited colors and full bleed by default. So if that’s all you need then just ask for a quote based on your specific needs because every order is different!


Did this article help you plan your next trade show or event? Let us know in the comments below or give us a call if you want to chat about it more. We’re all ears (and eyes)! And since the word ‘ears’ is custom, we’ll leave that one alone!

Our digital printing services include unlimited colors and full bleed by default. So if that’s all you need then just ask for a quote based on your specific needs because every order is different!

By saif