How to Use AngularJS in Android Development?

How to Use AngularJS in Android Development?


Angularjs is a Javascript-based structure to develop applications. It is developed and maintained by Google. Angular JS development services by Google will help you to build a user-friendly and well-structured website. It develops and handles one-page applications. Do you want to use Angularjs for developing an android application? 

Steps to use Angularjs in android development: 

1. Make Angularjs Script

Firstly, install Angularjs and integrate it into the viewpoint. You can create native applications that can be used on single platforms, and users can download and install them on their smartphones. 

Also create a hybrid app that is a combination of native app and web app., and they own components from the native app. 

You will get hosting from Google by using the URL.



<script src=””></script>

2. Bind application properties

We can start bootstrapping AngularJS, and directives are recognized as

properties, tags, and class names that make AngularJS combine with functions to DOM elements. While developing an android app with Angularjs development, we can understand it by reading by implementing ng-app directives. 

Through this, we can bootstrap the application and determine its reach. You will see numerous apps on the same page, and directives are responsible for describing the location of starting and closing the application. 

The Driver controller gives a drivers list, and ‘ng-app directives are mostly used in the type of directive is ng-controller which shows that if a controller is working in your view. AdriverController takes place and provides a drivers list or “DriversList”.

  • ng-repeat is very important and most utilized to state the template scope. The most important feature of ng-repeat is that it can reproduce the line in the table in DriverList.

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3. Create and Add Controller

It is important to create a controller because there is no use of view without a controller. You will notice a $scope variable passing as a parameter to the controller. The $scope variable will link your view and the controller. When you add something to your driver’s list, it will be available in your view. 

Consider the given code- <script> angular .module(“someApp”, []) .controller(“someCtrl”, function($scope){ $scope.text = “AngularJS basic application example by”; }); </script> 

While using Angular JS development software, now we need to express controller Scope so go through given script- <script> angular .module(“someApp”, []) .controller(“someCtrl”, function($scope){ $scope.text = “AngularJS basic application example by”;                             

  }); </script>Write this script in an html file and open it in a browser to see the performance of AngularJS.

4. Data Loading from the Server

AngularJS development facilitates communication with $HTTP and $resource services. You can obtain your data by creating a custom service to fetch data, and it works as a set around $http by combining services.js. Look at the given code-

  • ergastAPI.getDrivers = function() { return $http({ method: ‘JSONP’, URL: ‘
  • Formulate a new module and register in this module.

callback=JSON_CALLBACK’ In this process, we perform with this 

Then, we have to inform Angular Js development to add the new module in our android app. Then, register it with ‘app.js.’ 

modules-F1FeederApp.Services – A new module

  • Include ergastAPIServices as dependence and then move to a further step. The ‘name filter will be added after reloading the app, and then a functional controller is also added. 

5. Filter

Now, using the ing model directive will bind the text field to the $scope.namefilter variable that will ensure that value is updated with the input value. Add <input type=”text” ng-model=”nameFilter” placeholder=”Search…”/> in the “index.html”. To make sure that all steps done before are helpful and adaptable, you can hire an Angularjs developer and talk with him about the custom software application development of your app.

6. Routes

Now, you have to create a driver’s details page through which we can click on every driver and view details. Add one route for driver details and the other for the championship table. For that, include’ $route provider’ service in ‘app.js’, which will help you deal with various application routes. 

Navigating to http://domain/#/drivers will place the driversController and look for the partial view to perform in drivers.html. Check that routes are working good and you can also add a static menu to ‘index.html’ to enhance exploring abilities.

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You can develop an android app with Angularjs development software step by step, and you can also take the help of Angularjs to develop the app. In the steps, all the important points have been covered. It is a strong structure that can help to build a user-friendly strong android application for business. 

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