Concentrate vaping may appear to be an exotic, mysterious way to consume cannabis for vape enthusiasts, but it’s not that hard. And once you’re in it, you’re sure because vaping wax gives its unique pleasures that marijuana can’t offer.

Fortunately, vaping wax is straightforward, and a vaporizer is the first thing you need. Although there are several different wax vaporizers, they all work in the same way — heating a concentrate enough just to change its state from liquid to vapor.

The size and consistency of the wax vapes varies too, and each of them works slightly different. Here are some steps to help you get started.

1. Getting the wax ready

Irrespective of what kind of vaporizer you use, the first step is to prepare the wax. Wax could come in different forms; it could be brittle, flexible, and waxy, of course. No matter what form the wax takes, you must be equally vigilant when handling it.

You should store your wax in a tight glass or silicone container, both of which have non-stick surfaces that make it easier to remove wax. These are also neutral materials, so you don’t have to worry about wax contamination.

Wax should be stored in a cool dark place, as it is susceptible to light changes, temperature changes, and air supply. It would be best if you had a dab tool to scoop it from the bottle into the vaporizer. Almost every wax vaporizer has a dab tool, so you don’t have to worry about it. But you can also buy an extra one, so you’ll never stress losing the one in the kit.

 2. Select the right temperature for your wax vape

Wax pens tend to have voltage levels instead of temperature, but they are roughly the same in practice. This means that higher voltage settings are comparable to higher temperatures. Wax pens are usually available in three to four settings.

Most e-nails have a precise temperature range so that you can choose the right temperature. Some e-nails, such as Dr. Dabber Boost, have a temperature range instead of accurate temperature control, but in most e-nails you’ll get precise control.

If you are using an e-nail for the first time, you should choose a temperature between 315 °F and 450 °F. Portable dab rigs tend to have a fixed temperature range rather than granular temperature control. This is reasonable because pre -set devices are easy to use, which is why people like portable rigs.

It would help if you played with higher settings as you acclimate wax vaping and gradually set your preference for high or low temperatures. The main distinction is that lower temperatures are better for the aroma and more elevated for thicker clouds.

3. Loading the chamber

As mentioned earlier, three different forms of atomizers may be used. Some of them have one, and some have two. It’s filled the same way, no matter what type of atomizer your wax pen uses. Just put your wax on the atomizer, then unscrew the mouthpiece.

Remember that wax pens with quartz and ceramic coils are easier to fill than those with quartz rods. For e-nails and portable devices, you activate the unit, select the temperature, and then dab the wax when you reach the desired level.

4. Vaping wax

Press the battery button and start the process of inhalation. You will see the button and the tip of the battery light up to indicate that it is activated. When you inhale, you can feel that the air is getting into your lungs. Release the button for a few seconds after inhaling to clear any additional chamber fumes.

You should be able to see and taste the vapor when you exhale, which means the system is working properly. Push and hold down the button whenever you want to inhale, and keep pace with the desired effects.

Prefilled Cartridges

The above description refers to self-loaded wax pens for loose concentrates. Another common alternative is prefilled cartridges, an easy and convenient way to dab when you’re a novice. If you have a pre-filled cartridge, simply recharge the battery, press the button, and enjoy your vape.


Cannabis concentrates are a convenient and efficient choice for patients who need rapid symptom relief and experience beneficial effects. We hope that this full-scale analysis of how to use wax vaporizers can make things clear to you.

Using wax can prove more difficult than oils because wax can be messy. Oil is a more straightforward introduction to the world of vape concentrates. Once you have an oil or wax supply, there would be no problem with a wax vaporizer.

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