You have found the perfect dress and are ready to spend a night in town. But the problem is that you don’t have any shoes to match your outfits. And when you try to shop for the right wholesale womens shoes, there are hundreds of styles, colors, embellishments and more to choose from. If doubt is filling your mind, don’t worry, because you are not the only one.Hit Color Ankle Straps Snake Skin High Heel Sandals
Although you can follow the guidelines below to match attire with a perfect pair of shoes, keep in mind that they are just guidelines. Those who dare to challenge the status quo have created some of the most enduring fashion trends. Fortunately, whether you are an experienced fashionista or a newbie in high fashion, you can follow some basic suggestions to make it easier to pair shoes with any outfit.

What Shoes You Should Wear with Your Outfits

Be sure to have your dress picked out before choosing the type of shoes. Like shoes, our outfits come in a wide range of styles and colors. The shoes you are looking for will depend entirely on the type of garment you choose. After wearing the right clothes, you can start looking for the perfect pair of shoes.

  1. Stiletto Heels

    Pointed Toe Rhinestone Ankle Strap Stiletto Heels
    Most women like to wear stilettos because they can give you a slender, slim frame. They also change your posture, flex the calf muscles, and make the bust and back end more prominent. Not to mention, they can make any outfit look exquisite and stylish. You can wear high heels with almost anything, whether it’s formal, casual or anywhere in between. Shorter stilettos can work well with a mini skirt, as they will make your legs look a million miles long. However, be careful when matching high heels with short skirts, as you may show more legs than expected. When paired with loose, flowing dresses, high heels can also bring a casual, laid-back look.

  2. Boots

    Eyelet Lace Up Women Mid-tube Boots
    Like most footwear, the original purpose of boots is to protect the wearer’s feet from natural factors. Knee-length boots are suitable for matching short skirts, especially in cold weather. You can even pair them with a pair of dark leggings. The colors of brown and black boots are particularly versatile because they can match well with all kinds of clothing. For ankle boots, try a denim-inspired design and a flowing yellow fitted flared dress. Or, if you want to show off your silhouette, try this fitted maxi dress with a pair of bright, eye-catching ankle boots with the hem extending to the ankle.

  3. Sandals

    Cut Out Hasp Leather Flip Flop Sandals
    Sandals are open-ended footwear, usually attached to the foot with straps on the instep and sometimes around the ankle. Most sandals, whether with high heels or not, most of the feet are exposed, making them ideal for beach travel. It is best worn for casual occasions, although you may be able to wear high-heeled sandals to match more formal garment. While they look good, cheap sandals are usually a step higher than cardboard. Their poor workmanship can hurt your feet, which usually break after only one summer. Instead, choose a pair of more durable shoes to provide support and last for many summers.

  4. Sneakers

    Lace-up Rainbow Design Women Sneakers
    Nowadays, people also regard sneakers as a fashion statement, although most of them are casual and laid-back sports one. You might think that you can only wear it with shorts and jeans, but the right combination of formal sneakers can make a lasting impression. Bright clothes, such as floral shirt dresses or pink A-line skirts, can be cleverly matched with a pair of refreshing white sneakers. For a stylish and chic look, you can pair it with some standard dark sneakers, and use a clear color with a flowing calf maxi dress. When it comes to wearing sneakers with a dress, you can’t go wrong with black or white. You should also clean your sneakers regularly, because dirty white sneakers can damage the most classic attire.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes

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Whether you have found your ideal shoes or are still struggling to choose, you can follow some tips to simplify the selection process. Let the above suggestions guide you to narrow your choices and find the perfect shoes for you.

  1. Consider the Colors

    Try to consider the colors of shoes that will not cover up or conflict with your outfits. For instance, if you are wearing a bright, eye-catching patterned dress, choose soft shoes in soft tones. Or, if you are wearing clothes with lots of sequins and glitter, wear neutral or nude shoes. On the other hand, if your clothes are conservative or neutral, you can always add color to it with a pair of brightly colored high heels or flat shoes.Rainbow Design Platform Slippers

  2. Think about the Season

    One way to quickly narrow your search for shoes is to think about the season. Although you may like open-toed shoes, they may not be the best choice for cold and snowy weather. Similarly, knee-high boots may be uncomfortable in the high temperature and humidity of summer. The outfits you are going to wear is one of the factors to consider, but you also have to keep comfort in mind. Instead of kitten heels, match the emerald green dress with dark leggings and a pair of chocolate suede ankle boots.Studded Trim Suede Ankle Boots

  3. Remember the Occasion

    In addition to your dress, one thing that should determine your footwear is the occasion. Although high heels are great for going out at night or for gatherings in the office, they don’t work well for a picnic in a grassy park. Similarly, while sandals are ideal for dining on the beach or in a restaurant, they may be squashed if you wear them for outdoor dancing at night.

  4. Incorporate Accessories

    Pairing shoes with accessories such as handbags, belts or necklaces is one of the oldest tricks in the fashion world. Matching colors, especially in multiple parts of clothing will create cohesion. Try to pair shoes with only one or two other items, such as wallets or belts. In addition, there seems to be too much.

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