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If you would like to seek a career in dental profession and you are a trained dental assistant, you certainly need a job to further sharpen your skills and endow the patients with your dexterity at a dentist clinic or in a hospital. First thing, you need is to make a powerful and interesting Dental Assistant resume that can grab the attention of the hiring manager. There is absolutely no doubt in saying that a comprehensive resume helps find a better job.

The Worth of a Powerful Dental Assistant Resume and the Future of This Job

The web is filled up with whopping amount of dental assistant resume templates, if you like to be more professional in presenting your CV for the job you may use any of those available templates. But with a careful attention, you even can build an interesting and constructive resume by yourself.

Studies show that the jobs of dental assistants are projected to increase by 19% only in the U.S. in coming years that is undoubtedly much faster than average. The same is going to happen in other parts of the world also.

Salary You May Expect Being a Dental Assistant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a dental assistant may earn up to $38,000 a year or around $19 per hour.

Steps to Write an Attention-Fetching and Powerful Dental Assistant Resume

Prior to begin writing your resume, you need to be aware of the skills to write a resume in a manner that best emphasizes your strengths. Your first impression is obviously your resume that will let you have an opportunity to showcase your personality and dexterities in an interview. You cannot get an interview call, if your resume is not expressive – no matter how experienced, intelligent and skillful you are! Let’s now discuss the steps needed to build an excellent dental assistant resume.

Start with Critical Information

Remember, the hiring manager or anyone who conducts interviews at a dental clinic or hospital will be most interested in your dental assistant license or certification. The fact remains that sometimes a certification is not vital to get a job, because you may be trained during the job. Thus, if you possess it, do include it at the top of your CV to let the hiring manager know that you are laced with skills and knowledge to perform duties.

Write an Exceptional Career Objective

Your dental assistant resume needs to be equipped with a gripping career objective. The hiring manager will surely read your resume from top to bottom. Therefore, a strong introductory statement (resume objective in other words) is necessary to be put into it. The dental assistant resume should contain below information:

  • Years of experience
  • Quality of work
  • Show competency that you do not need to require supervision
  • DANB Certification to be mentioned
  • Sell yourself as a worker who is not only competent but also can attract more patients

Note: Your dental assistant resume is actually a sales document in which you sell yourself, therefore, it needs to be gripping.

Write Your Professional Experience

You need to be detailed in this section by describing all of your past experiences with job descriptions, abilities and achievements.

Mention Your Education

Whatever you have achieved so far in terms of education and certifications, mention from latest to the oldest order.


It is the most important part of your dental assistant resume, as it contains the skills you possess which will ultimately help out the dentist and his or her clinic.

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