Everybody wants to make an impression during a job interview — but the key is to make it a good one. With the increased popularity of virtual interviews and remote jobs, though, this might be even more challenging than ever. How can you demonstrate professionalism, competence, and charisma through the confines of a video chat? There are a few strategies, including the use of virtual office backgrounds to replicate the appearance of a polished, professional setting. Making a great impression is about much more than the background on your call, though — it’s about your attitude and presentation, too. Learn how you can nail each of these elements during your next virtual interview.

Set Up Your Background Space

Many people prepare for an online interview by scrambling to clean up their space. If you’re attending the interview from your home, you may rush to clean up dishes, put laundry away, and straighten up your surroundings. After all, a stray sock could compromise your professional appearance and give your interviewer the wrong impression. What if you didn’t have to worry about any of this, though? You don’t have to when you install a virtual background for your video call. Virtual backgrounds conceal your surroundings and provide a clean appearance, no matter what’s behind you.

If you’ve already reviewed the Zoom virtual background requirements and ensured that your computer complies, you’re ready to set up your virtual background. You can create a background that looks however you want it to look. It could replicate office scenery to maintain a professional façade, or it may feature the view from a city skyscraper, creating an air of exclusivity. Either way, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your actual background surroundings are concealed from view. This makes it easier to focus on the goal at hand — providing a great interview and proving you’re right for the job.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Zoom Immersive View backgrounds are a great way to create a quick and clean backdrop for an interview, but you should still be prepared for the unexpected. Many Zoom mishaps have gone viral, depicting embarrassing events unfolding in the background of a call. You don’t want to be the next example of this trend, so it’s important to prevent any unexpected occurrences that could emerge in the background of your video. If you live with somebody or have a pet that may be disruptive, you should try to find a secluded spot so that they can’t interrupt your interview.

Of course, unexpected events can happen in the interview itself, too. It’s always important to prepare before an interview by anticipating the questions that a prospective employer will ask and formulating effective answers. If you still get an unexpected question that’s out of left field, you should keep your cool. Take a moment to think about the question, ask for clarification if you need to, and provide the best answer that you can. With these tips, virtual interviews don’t have to be any more stressful than in-person interviews.