While many have talked about the significance and benefits of renewable sources of energy like solar and wind, not many have paid attention to the other bets alternative- hydro energy.

On the other side, a major part of the earth is covered by water and this is where the same energy source can be used to fulfil the rising energy demands of people around.

NJ Ayuk, one of the most talked-about energy experts from Africa, also talks about in the same respect. As per him, it’s about time that everyone must take a look at the hydropower as one of the best sources of energy for mankind.

As of now, only 5 percent of the total energy generation belongs to the water resources and this percentage needs to be increased drastically in order to find a better and effective alternative for other non-renewable sources of energy.

Furthermore, he has counted numerous benefits of using hydropower that is as follows

Benefits of using Hydropower

• Hydropower is sourced from water so you don’t need to worry about the pollution created in the environment like other fossil fuels namely cola, petrol or diesel

•  Every state and country can generate their own electricity to counter the needs within their legal territories. Also, they need not stay dependant on any other country for the same requirement to be fulfilled.

•  Hydropower is generated by using the water cycle in coordination with solar power. Hence, you can stay unworried for any extra costs during its generation.

•  Hydropower plants also create certain water reservoirs that can additionally be used for public leisure and entertainment purpose

•  Most of the hydropower plants are capable of going to maximum from a zero output within no time and this is where they serve as the best possible alternative in the case of a power disruption or blackout

•  Besides providing the perfect source of energy, these hydropower projects can prove vital in assisting various irrigation projects and related activities around.

•  Although the cost to start a hydropower project is huge, it doesn’t ask you much or its maintenance

NJ Ayuk guardian thinks that the government and authorities around the world needs to think about bringing Hydropower to the forefront in terms of energy production.

He further states that while the whole world is dealing with this pandemic situation, we have to ponder about bringing better and cheaper sources of energy that can further help to save our ecosystem alongside.

The resources on this planet are limited and hence, we have to something sooner than later to preserve this planet from any further destruction.

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