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In these dire times of the lockdown levied due to the corona crisis the courier industry has seen a massive increase in residential deliveries as more and more customers are moving to deliver services or same-day courier service London during the pandemic. Commercial deliveries in schools, colleges, and workplaces have however been decreased. Some courier services have been vastly affected as they operate on commercial deliveries.

In this light of the corona pandemic courier and delivery services are introducing more stringent policies, contactless deliveries as well as cleaning routines. For instance, drivers are refusing to accept signatures as proof of deliveries simple to minimize the level of contact between customers and themselves. Self-service delivery options have also seen a rising demand in this situation of the lockdown. Local delivery hubs have capitalized on a great deal on this occasion. Now due to their rise in this situation, the pressure on the delivery and the same day courier service London has been reduced to a significant extent. This is due to the fact that multiple parcels can be delivered to one hub rather than each and every individual address.

Global trade has received a major backlash. Most of the leading airlines have already suspended 90% of their passenger routes. As a consequence, the air freight capacity has significantly gone down to its lowest in three years. Since there Chinese manufacturing companies have resumed their operations and with the growing demand for the air freights the rates have further increased to 25%.

To counter this situation and keep some operations running airlines including Qatar and Virgin are using their passenger planes for functioning as cargo flights.

The global postal services have also been affected vastly due to suspensions of flight in this pandemic situation. For instance, the U.S postal services have stated that it is facing difficulties in getting parcels, letters as well as express mail items to a number of parts in the world. This has occurred because of the foreign postal service suspensions norms and the unavailability of transport options in these areas. A number of national postal services have made it clear that they have suspended some routes and thus expect delays on other routes.

The nations that are dealing with major national outbreaks such as Spain, Italy, France have maintained far fewer operations than their normal capacity. Even the signatures on delivery services have also been suspended. Most couriers like FedEx and DHL are even imposing temporary emergency surcharges to continue shipping.

They have now resorted to the methods of express shipping methods since they have remained functional to a great extent in this outbreak. Ocean freight is way more independent of passenger traffic and shipments account for a huge bulk of supply chains. There has been a huge spike in the ocean freight rates simply because of low belly capacity. The marine shipping industry has suffered a hit like other delivery industries too.

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