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Importance of Camper Trailers for Modern Families


The times have now shifted when people used to stay in luxury hotels or rent Airbnbs to find comfort while traveling. Mobile homes specifically called Campers are the new mode of travel that provide convenient sleeping facilities for a full-fledged family and are also very cost-efficient. Campers are a one-time investment with better security than a tent, including all the necessary furniture and furnishings that in some models also come with air conditioning, in-built audio systems, laundry facilities, external barbeque points, and many more. There is no struggle with packing all the stuff and re-organizing it again. One can enjoy their trip without the worries of tickets, flight cancellations, availability of food, and sanitation. Developed nations like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada have primarily adopted this navigation mode, and people by far love it. Gone are the days when people used to book flight or train tickets in advance and reserve hotel rooms with expensive bills. Camper trailers are the new luxury accommodation to own within a budget.

Different Types of Campers Trailers to Decide 

When one decides to invest in a good camper trailer, the next step is to determine what type of Camper to purchase based on personal requirements. Well, there are not a few but several options available in the global market, but first one must be aware of the basic categories:

  1. Soft Floor Camper Trailer: Soft floor trailers come with a tent that folds out onto the floor and sits on the ground. It contains several cabinets to place accessories making extra space for tools and appliances. Soft floors mostly have a bed on top of the trailer, with the option of adding additional rooms, annexes, and other accessories. They are light in weight and can be handled easily through manual power. With being lightweight, they have a small and compact size when packed. Soft floors are very uncomplicated and made to function with as little as possible to go wrong. 
  2. Hard Floor Camper Trailer: Designed for the people looking for a superior camping experience, hard floor campers are very convenient to set up and pack, come with a hardtop that forms the floor. It has a solid base, making it easier to clean the dirt, so one indulges less in cleaning and more in enjoying their ride. The hard floor comes with elevated flooring, so it has better protection against animals, pests, and preys. They are more rigid and rough than soft floor campers. 
  3.  Forward Folding Camper Trailer: For those who are looking for a lightweight and compact off-road folding trailers, this one is your search! Different vehicle types can tow these trailers. Easy to set up, they consume less space, so they are perfect for small families or groups. These are ideal for couples, especially for the newlyweds being very private.
  4.  Lightweight Trailers: Loaded with services and facilities, lightweights satiate the increasing requirements for less space, less fuel consumption, and low-cost trailers that can easily be towed by smaller vehicles. Lightweight RVs can be towed with light-duty trucks, SUVs, Sedans. They are made from lightweight material and are shaped smoothly. They are designed to make you feel at home.
  5. Fifth Wheel Camper Trailers: Also known by the name “FIVER,” Fifth wheels are specifically designed for simpler and more steady towing. Maximum space is given for living. They are more popular among full-time Recreational Vehicles than others. 
  6.  Off-Road Camper Trailers and Caravans: These caravans are built for off-road touring. Their framework is designed with a unique suspension. Their shock absorbers are enhanced to provide comfort and their brakes as well for safe driving. These caravans are suitable for adventurous campers who are willing to get away from the road and off-road tracks and want a real outdoor experience far away from civilization. As their build-up is rough and heavy, bigger vehicles are required to tow them. They also require time to time maintenance.

What type of Camper should you buy?

Not every Camper is for everybody. It crucially depends upon an individual’s or group’s own requirements to plough money into a good Camper. 

Well, here are some suggestions which can be beneficial when deciding which one to buy.

If the members are less and trip is short to a nearby location, go for Lightweight Trailers alongwith soft flooring.

When the trip is short but members are in a great number, FIVER is the best choice with maximum space.

If you are any of the above given two options, then you can also consider Forward Folding Camper as a choice.

For raw travellers who want to be on the off road side mostly and actually experience the countryside and outskirts, Off-Road Camper is your best friend. Rest choice is peculiar.

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