Safety is a crucial point and a major issue for all armed forces and security personnel, including during the practice sessions of martial arts or any form of self defence sessions. Head protection has always been the highest priority with respect to the protection of the human body. According to human anatomy, the head is the most affected or vulnerable part.

                                                                        We may be able to replace a limb with the era’s robotic technology but we are still unable to protect the context of the brain once it has gone through a severe shock or have received a hit of any kind. Brain is considered to be the most delicate part physiologically.

                                    Head protection gear or helmets protects the head from any fatal injury, but the helmet can only act as a primary defence when the right kind of helmet is worn correctly during any kind of combat operations. Wearing the right kind and type of helmet is absolutely essential for ensuring the safety of a personnel in order to reduce the risk of brain injury. During a combat operation, this is one of the definite means or basis for survival along with the other factors like, body armor, equipment, etc.

                                    Being cautious along with being mindful in the war zone is a necessity for the entire plan to save a life or in order to destroy the opponent. Ballistic helmets offer the adequate protection needed during the entire operation.

                                    No one is sure enough to guarantee the plan of combat to work 100% with efficiency, in reality there will be some other factors affecting the plan; any accident may occur like blast, and extreme firing, the head gear would ensure minimal damage to the soldier facing such situations. Multiple journals and research articles are a proof where most of the head injuries occured due to the lack of right head protection during combat.

Multiple journals and research articles are a proof where most of the head injuries occured due to the lack of right head protection during combat.

                  A headgear or a ballistic helmet would save the soldier or security personnel from-

  1. Burns
  2. Asphyxiation due to gaseous products used
  3. Hits from high velocity ammunitions
  4. Hits from fragments during explosions
  5. Various intracranial injuries or brain hemorrhage due to the fall projection during an explosion or blast

Injuries from a blast are reported to have long term impact like- Insomnia or sleeplessness, Irregularity in blood pressure, Respiratory depression, Nausea, even sometimes Impairment of speech, sight, balance.

  There is no assurance that a helmet will be 100% effective in a battlefield but it surely can decrease the injury to an extent where it is treatable. With the era of technology, helmets have sensors to provide them with valuable data beforehand to save themselves along with completing the mission in hand. The ballistic helmets act as a shock absorber. The fitting of the head armour correctly is also an important aspect as to yield good safety results in the end.

         Multiple organizations, including some with the collaboration with the national government are doing constant research and bringing out multiple prototypes in order to increase the effectiveness of head armours.