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Ooty is known as ‘Love Birds Paradise,’ and is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations. Beautiful weather and a peaceful climate make Ooty one of the most desirable holiday destinations not only for love birds but also for those who want to relax in the lap of nature. Ooty has a picturesque landscape. The British visited Ooty traditionally to take a break from the warm North India season. This wonderful vacation destination, located in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu, offers numerous attractions and magnificent Ooty resorts, make the vacation unforgettable and comfortable.

Ooty has wide wildernesses, soaring mountains, lush forests, and the serenity of lakes that are well-known as the Queen of Hills. No matter whether you’re an adventure junkie or a pair of romantic travel planners, Ooty is one of the finest holiday destinations to choose from. But several times a convenient place to stay is difficult to find to make your holiday unforgettable. Therefore, read about some of Ooty’s great choices.

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Top 10 resorts in Ooty

Here is a list of the most luxurious and relaxing resorts in Ooty where you can stay to make your Ooty tour memorable. Just have a look. Have a look.

1. Berry Hills

Set around a lush green forest, this wonderful hill resort overlooks the majestic Western Ghat mountains. With its modern facilities and scenic beauty, this hilly resort is one of the best holiday experiences. It’s just 10 minutes walk from the nearby tea museum, where the origin and evolution of tea are to be discovered.

2. Club Mahindra Derby Green

Situated between the blue mountains of Nilgiri, this lovely Ooty resort offers its clients the highest quality facilities. With its scenic and lush, green natural environment, this resort takes your breath away. The resort is five hectares of natural wilderness and overlooks the course. Staying at the Club Mahindra Resort will offer you a chance to have a cup of tea or coffee in a natural setting. Stay with your loved ones in this resort for quality time.

3. Sterling Ooty Elk Hill Resort

The Elk Hills resort should be the ideal option to stay in Ooty if you want to spend some time alone at the window and watch the city outside. This is one of the best options for couples with a honeymoon, surrounded by the hills of Nilgiri. The resort has everything you would have for your honeymoon to be memorable and interesting. The Elk Hill Resort is also a great option for those looking at the clouds and feeling the warmth of nature.

4. British Club Cliff Resort

Situated above the rock 12 km from the course, this incredibly beautiful resort. The British Club Cliff resort covers over three hectares and is the perfect place for visitors of all sorts, especially those who spend the honeymoon. This resort has an unparalleled retro décor and hospitality. If you stay at this resort once you can surely go back to Ooty.

5. Sabol Holiday Resort

For those wanting a calm and private holiday, The Sabol Holiday Resort is fine. The resort is situated in the vicinity of Botanical Garden and Lake Maarlimund. The resort offers luxury rooms and separate cottages for couples on honeymoon. The resort provides a pleasant and comfortable stay, the hospitality of the world-class, and the personnel are very competent.

6. Surya Village Resort

Stay at Surya Village Resort if you want a heavenly escape from busy city life. This is one of Ooty’s best resorts with an affordable budget. For visitors from around the world, the resort provides peace, tranquility, and a relaxing stay. This resort is located close to various tourist attractions, such as Dodabetta Peak and the popular Tiger Hills.

7. Sagar Holiday Resort

For families and couples, the Sagar holiday resort is one of the best in Ooty. The resort has single homes which offer confidentiality. This Ooty resort is located in one of the central locations and is spread over a 2-acre property. For visitors, the Sagar Holiday Resort provides a range of options for food and various indoor activities.

8. Mountain Retreat

This magnificent resort in Ooty provides a panoramic view of the lovely valley of Ketti. The rooms are cosmopolitan and have world-class amenities. The Ayurveda wellness in Sowkhya is a quiet and relaxed stay in this resort. Your soul will dance in pleasure with the environment in the resort.

9. Fern Hill Resort

It’s one of Ooty’s incredible Sterling resorts. A colonial building with terracotta tiles is located in the Fern Hill Resort. Every couple attracting honeymoon and other tourists to this resort is authentic South Indian food and luxury.

10. Kurumba Village Resort

Kurumba Village Resort is one of the best resorts to stay in when you expect a cozy holiday. Nearly 30 km from the main town is this resort. Thus, you will admire the panoramic natural wonders from the busy urban life.

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