Increase in scrotal temperature in laptop computer users


Excessive use of laptop greatly affects the health of the user. The misuse or overuse of laptops contributes to injuries of the eye fatigue, fertility, neck pain, and other laptop-related diseases. This overuse may not only affect our health but also functioning of the computer, from fan damage to overload of the laptop capacity if the users continuously download staffs.

The MacBook 12in M7 laptop producer seem not to understand the consequences of using the laptops and they expose people to some health issues like battery explosion, as well as exposure to radiation discharged by laptops (Jones, 2012). Lately, reports have showed that several deaths were caused by these effects of laptop which were the main reason for police to present a warning from using laptops while driving. The death was brought about by an unsafe laptop causing severe head injury to the people who were using them while driving.


Effects of Laptop radiation

As there is increased technology in the world, many people may doubt if the electronic world comes with some hazards, particularly radiation discharged from electronic items which people use daily, for example, at home, in offices and learning institutions. Even though laptops do not discharge radiation, there is high possibility of becoming ill through the discharge of radiation by laptops.

Nevertheless, heat produced by laptops should be considered as a dangerous to peoples’ health. It is essential to point out that even if the effect of laptop radiation discharge has not been approved by scientist, the kind of radiation discharged from other electronic devices that people use daily like radio waves, computers, televisions, mobile phones, and even microwaves are measured to produce minimal non-ionizing radiation (Barone, 2012).

Non-ionizing radiation normally cannot break chemical bonds in the body and bring health issues related to ionizing radiation from exposure of atomic radiation. Excessive brightness, the position of the monitor, and the distance from the user to the laptop are some of the factors which lead to back strain and eyestrain.

Radiation from the laptop seems to contribute mostly to laptop-related health problems. The radiation produced by laptops is known as thermal radiation. Anything which has warmth, like human body, often discharges thermal radiation, according to Avendano, Mata, Sarmiento, and Donce (2011).

Such thermal radiation from laptops is not similar to the emissions produced by nuclear substances. If they are closer or placed on the genitals, the heat which is generated by the laptops can lead to infertility of both, men and women, but sperm is mostly affected by the heat than the female ovaries, according to Avendano et al. (2011).


Some studies have reported that an increase in intensity of the scrotal temperatures may eventually harm the sperm. They also showed that using laptops in the lap raises the temperature of the scrotum by around 2.8°C. Other studies have also shown that increase in testicular heat is around 1.1°C and 3°C and has been related to a constant and substantial negative effect on the human sperm and fertility (Suhail, 2010).

Laptop computers Alienware Aurora 2019 bring permanent hazards to the fertility of men who are operating the laptops since they can decrease sperm production through increasing temperatures in the genital regions (Beck, 2011). The research carried out by Mollica, Camargo, Zamboni, Pereira, Teixeira, and Junior (2008) where they examined 30 men who were between 20 and 30 years old and reported that using the laptops in the lap for a period of 60 minutes will increase genital temperatures by above 2.6°C which is sufficient to affect fertility negatively. Scrotal temperature normally increases by about 2°C when users put their thighs together while operating the laptop computers. The increase in temperature by above 2.6°C is recorder when they position the laptops on one leg.

Back Pain and Eyestrain

Most students and office staffs, who often use the laptops for their assignments, have higher possibility of continuous pain in the spine, neck, arms, and wrist. They may not have knowledge on the effects caused by laptops or ergonomic hazards up to the time it is irreversible. Avendano et al. (2011) reported that 58% of the subjects had felt aches and pains due to the use of the laptops, with 8% of subjects experiencing pain frequently. There were six out of ten reported pains in the spine or neck, eyes problem or headaches.

Above half of the laptop users experience these effects at any time due to continuous use of the laptops. This kind of disorder may as well bring about body exhaustion and decreased productivity at workplace. Moreover, currently there are reports that excessive apple music replay use of the laptops or any computers can lead to high risk for glaucoma.


Thermal Radiation

Overheating of laptops may not only harm the functioning of the laptops, but it may cause health problems to the users. Some measures should be taken to solve and prevent the issue of laptops overheating and effective way is to purchase a cooling system to minimize heat which is produced by laptops and other computers. Laptop cooling pad can greatly reduce the amount of heat which users are exposed to while using the laptops.

The simplest way to avoid potential reproductive harm from thermal radiation from the laptop is to using the laptops while placed on the table. The would-be mothers should put their laptops anywhere apart from their abdomen. When purchasing a laptop, ensure that it has been check for and satisfy the health standards. This means that the laptop should be confirmed to have low and secure level of radiation. Using laptops while placed on the knees raise scrotal temperatures in several means.

Solution for Pain

Studies propose that although there are no evidence of exposure to wireless transmission or Wi-Fi transmission in laptops and mobile phones, there are still possible health hazards to kids. Kids who are highly vulnerable to these dangers from radiation discharge from laptops. Some have suggested that the Wi-Fi should be disconnected or not set up on kids’ laptops while they are using them.

If a person experience some of these effects or symptoms, they should immediately solve this problem by combination sitting position, use of approved stress-relieve lenses intended purposely for the use of computers, designed anti-glare monitors, and dietary consideration (Barone, 2012).


With some of the seen effects of the overuse of the laptops, people should be cautious when using the laptops. Users should not put Wi-Fi enabled every time they are using the laptops or disable or put away laptops which are connected with Wi-Fi from children. Use the laptops when it is necessary or observe the sitting position, brightness, and monitor position so that they can reduce the risk of back and neck pain. It is good to be in a safer side if you doubt the risks which are brought about by anything. Use of the laptops in the public places should be considered to be offensive since it affects other people.

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