A spin flash dryer is usually a new type of spin flash dryer developed by a spin flash dryer manufacturer. This type of dryer is made with advanced technology and rational style. Therefore, its production capacity is high. In the very drying, grinding and sieving can be completed at once, and environmental pollution can be eliminated. And the total capacity can also reach the advanced level in the world of spin flash dryer.

The field of application of centrifugal dryer is very wide. It can be used for drying many kinds of materials such as inorganic materials, organic materials, ceramics, vibrating fluidized bed dryer, food, etc. Whistling air, which can be blown out of a tube, is injected at the appropriate rate into the bottom of the dryer, the mixing, milling, and drying chamber. During this time, the contents generate strong shear, suspension, and rotary motion, so the rotary spin flash dryer can pulverize by centrifugal force, shear, collision, and friction.

Finally, heat transfer to the mass can be improved. At the bottom of the dryer, the wet granules are mechanically pulverized by an agitator. The moisture then flies low and the small particles are separated from the rotating mass, further drying the culture. For this reason, the inertia of the rotating fuel is greater than the inertia of the sound. Because of the high relative velocity of the two phases of fuel and bran, the production capacity is extremely high.

Let’s take a look at the features of the juicer developed by the manufacturer of the dryer.

Good energy efficiency the centrifugal separator uses advanced technology, consumes less power, and has good drying efficiency. Centrifugal separation, shearing, friction, collision, high dispersion state and particle material and the relative velocity of the two gas phase – solid phase is high, so mass transfer enhances heat transfer, so the machine can create much more production. Because of the high internal drying peripheral velocity of the gasoline, the time remaining for the material to remain in the gasoline is likely to be faster. As a result, the juicer is more productive and faster.

Durability in use The juicer can be made more robust due to the use of high quality components in all parts. When dry fuel enters the bottom of the dryer, a strong rotating air current is generated. The viscous wall phenomenon is eliminated because the container wall material exhibits strong noise. Under the high temperature at the bottom of the dryer, the heat-sensitive material does not come in contact with the baking surface, and the dryer is equipped with a special system that can solve the problem of coke stains on the heat-sensitive material.

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