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Intermittent Fasting- A detailed study


Intermittent Fasting is a full-fledged plan that switches between eating and Fasting regularly. The rule of this process is to decrease the amount of calorie intake in the body. You are supposed to fast for 16 hours a day. But you can eat whatever you want to eat in an 8-hour period. This technique is described as a fasting window and feeding window. Researchers have found that it leads to a weight loss of up to 11 pounds over the period of six weeks. 

All you need to do is to maintain the balance between the two. If any of the schedules go overboard, the results will not be desirable. Remember that sleeping also counts as Fasting. Fiber-rich foods can help you ease the process, and it may lead to better aftereffects. Your body will slowly adapt to the routine, but you will see results in 10 days. You can lose around 8Kgs of weight if you follow proper guidelines and food intake. 

The secret of fasting for 16 hours is that when you do not eat anything for that much duration, your body goes through a process called autophagy, in which the body destroys the old cells and makes space for the new ones. Avoid eating processed meat, sugar, and salt-rich food. Wholemeal foods are the best. 

When you are on the fasting window, you are not allowed to eat for 16 hours, but you can have fine beverages like coffee and tea. 

You have gained a little bit of information about this Fasting method, but now let us discuss how to choose the perfect dietitian for you to make this task easy. 

  • Before searching for the perfect dietitian, research your needs first. This will help you ease the process and get better results from it. How do you want to cope with the diet schedule? What type of environment makes you comfortable? Are you able to start this method for losing weight? Have such transparency with yourself so that you can have clear-cut ideas. Look for the top-rated dietitians near your locality and list them up. 
  • Make sure to visit only the licensed ones. Having a license proves the authentication of their job. You can also share this thought with your friends and family. Sometimes they have recommendations that can turn out good for you. Make sure to hire someone who can understand your choice and with whom you can feel free to share. 
  • It is vital to gain some information before making any investment. This will save you from getting scammed by any fraud. Vulnerability constantly gets trolled off when it comes to theft. Make sure they have good attention to you. 
  • One of the good signs of a reputed dietitian is that they are open in conversation, and you usually feel comfortable talking to them about your needs. Never miss out on their website. How they represent themselves tells a lot about them. Sometimes online testimonials can be very beneficial to you. 


Intermittent Fasting can be challenging if you do not have prior experience. Do not rush the process. Take some time and then finalize your decision. 

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