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Dear readers, we bring to you some of the best WordPress interview questions that are curated with a better understanding of WordPress so that you are able to give your best in your interview without any hiccups. As per researches, most of the interviews doesn’t have a set of questions prepared rather the interviewer will focus on the presence of basic knowledge one has and later will continue the interview based on the capability to answer the questions allotted.

Remember, even if you don’t know an answer, we are here to guide you for a better presentation and score for your next WordPress interview.

List of 9 WordPress interview questions are as follows-

1. What is WordPress?

Ans-An open-source CMS-Content management system which offers the user to create websites and blog is known as WordPress. It allows a user to use it without paying a single penny and is applicable for both commercial and personal websites. WordPress is built on PHP/MySQL; it gives bloggers, writers and start-ups a great platform to build a website with predictable, easy, and minimum setup.

2. What are the minimum requirements to run WordPress?

Ans-There are mainly four requirements to get WordPress started, the first one is the latest version of PHP, followed by HTTPS support, MySQL 5.6 and the mod-rewrite Apache module.

3. List some of the features of WordPress

Ans- Blogs, small websites, enterprise websites, complex portals, applications and so much more are powered by WordPress on the web and the numbers are increasing day by day. Building a website in WordPress is not a hard task as the features in it are well designed to guide a user. Some of the features of WordPress include- easy installation and upgrade, multilingual support, media management, easy publishing tools, easy and interesting theme system, built-in comments, search engine optimized, user management, custom content types and easily extendible with WordPress plugins.

4. Is there any limitation for WordPress website?

Ans-WordPress website can be used for various business whether big or small. Be it an e-commerce, membership website, or photo galleries, the possibilities are never-ending. Although there are certain limitations linked with a WordPress website namely the usage of a lot of WordPress plugins which can turn the website heavy to run, the requirement of PHP knowledge to carry out certain modifications, an update of WordPress website to a new version which leads to loss of data thus backup is crucial, format and modification of tables and graphic images are not that easy.

While answering such questions that require you to talk about certain disadvantages or limitations, always start the answer on a positive note and then proceed with the answer to describe the advantages/limitation.

5. Is it possible to SEO a WordPress site to show it on Google first page?

Ans- One of the major advantages of using WordPress to build a website is that it comes with an inbuilt SEO benefit. Not just that you also have an added WordPress plugin that helps you to better understand SEO without investing much time and rank better on Google.

6. What is the difference between post and pages in WordPress?

Ans-Post and pages are two kinds of content present in WordPress. Both form an essential part of the entire mechanism to build a website. Pages are static by nature and the content present in them are static as well, for example about us page, contact page etc. Pages are timeless and include permanent entries. On the other hand, posts are present in list form, where the latest post appears mainly at the top and the old ones are placed at the bottom. The user can also change the chronology as per their preferences. Sharing and commenting is allowed in a post while a page involves no such thing.

7. Is WordPress secure and safe?

Ans-Yes, WordPress is completely safe and secure for usage, there can be an error in case a user downloads various tools and WordPress plugins from an unauthorized source.

8. How many default tables are there in WordPress, can you list them?

Ans- In WordPress there are 11 tables and they include- wp_options, wp_links, wp_user, wp_post, wp_postmeta, wp_term_relationships, wp_commentmeta, wp_comment, wp_usermeta, wp_terms, and wp_term_taxonomy.

9. Why does WordPress use MySQL?

Ans- WordPress use MySQL due to reasons such as- it is an open-source, low-cost Linux hosting support, contains a widely database server and is quite fast.

Do you have more questions in your mind? We would love to hear it, share it in the comment.

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