Is An Antigen Test Suitable For Travel To UK?


You are one of the survivors of the Covid-19 attack, and you have seen the demolition of the world. The world’s movie was going well when Covid-19 struck our beloved land. It paused the world’s operations that were regularly going. Therefore, the governments of every country applied some rules, particularly for travelers. Submitting a Covid-19 certificate is one of them. Travelers have to get some tests to prove themselves fit to fly. Some people ask if antigen test is appropriate for the UK government. You will find the answer to this question in this article, including detail about antigen tests.

Rapid Antigen Test

Another name you can use for an Antigen Test is Rapid Antigen Test. You can understand its meaning in its name. It is related to something quick and fast. Rapid Antigen Test for travel does not demand you to wait for some days to check your results because you only need to be calm for 15-30 minutes to receive your Antigen Test Report.

How Does Antigen Test for Travel Detect Covid-19 Virus?

As the name shows, antigen tests detect the presence or the absence of virus antigens in a human specimen. Antigens are foreign particles that are unfamiliar to our normal body cells. When a virus enters the human body, it spreads its antigen. The antigen starts destruction in the body. To know if Covid-19 has attacked your body, you will need a testing kit from a trustworthy organization.

Components of Antigen Testing Kit

The antigen testing kit has the following elements;

  • Swabbing stick
  • Liquid tube
  • Testing machine

If you do not know how to use these components of the antigen testing kit, follow the below steps;

  1. Open the Antigen testing kit.
  2. Remove the lid of the liquid tube and set it on a straight surface.
  3. Grab the swabbing kit in your clean hand and rub it into your nostrils or throat.
  4. Sink the swabbed stick into the liquid tube for a few beats.
  5. Remove the swabbed rod from the liquid. Take a few driblets of fluid in the puddle of the Antigen Testing Machine.
  6. Linger for a bit and scrutinize the outcomes.

Fittingness of Antigen Test for Travel to the UK

For the UK, the antigen test is suitable and acceptable. However, there are some conditions when you need to get your antigen test.

  • You will need an Antigen test for travel if you are not vaccinated.
  • You will also need to run your antigen test if you are half vaccinated.

However, for fully vaccinated people, the UK has removed the restriction on the Covid-19 certificate.

Order Antigen Testing Kit from Official Rapid Tests

If you want an antigen test for traveling to the UK, you should order your antigen testing kit from Official Rapid Tests. Because it is among the UK Government listed testing provider companies. Their services are brilliant among all other testing organizations. Official Rapid Tests delivers CE-marked testing kits for reliable certificates. So why not Official Rapid Tests for traveling?

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