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Panama is one of the most visited destinations in the Americas. In addition to offering some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Latin America, Panama with its free trade zone is a preferred destination for a shopping or trade trip.
In any case, renting a car will always be the best option. If you rent a car at the international airport in Panama, you can move freely to other more distant destinations, from the famous Panama Canal, to Colon, where the free zone is located.
Traveling by car offers you other advantages such as not having to share a bus with several strangers. Avoid crowds at bus stations, especially in these times of Covid-19, where distance is essential to preserve health. By renting a car you can also have your own itinerary, without depending on routes or schedules. You can stop along the way if any landscape warrants it, or if you just want to stop for something to eat.
If you travel as a family, renting a car is definitely much better. If you go shopping you will be able to transport your luggage better. It will be a more comfortable and safe trip.
There are many companies where to rent a car in Panama. However, not all are inexpensive. To rent a cheap car, it is best to do it online in advance. In this way you will guarantee to be able to compare the prices of the different companies, review the deals they offer as well as review the reviews of travelers.
Reviews are especially useful, since this way you will find clues not only of the best prices, but of which are the most serious and reliable companies.

Cons of renting a car in Panama

If you weigh the cons against the pros, the truth is that you will find many more reasons to rent a car. However, not everything is rosy. Renting a car in Panama also has its disadvantages. These include:

  • You can get stuck in a traffic jam if you travel during peak times
  • It is not always easy to find a free parking space
  • If you travel in high season of tourism it is difficult to find cheap cars available

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