Is The Ucat The Same For Everyone?


Securing a seat in medical school is not a child’s game. A student has to pass through many dark passages where he finds no one for his help. He has to search for light himself. However, there are some bases where he can get light to enlighten his way. On his way towards medical school admission, UCAT is the challenging stage a student has to clear through his struggle.


UCAT is the University Clinical Aptitude Test in which a student attempts a full-length paper to show his stamina as a future Doctor. In this paper, he encounters those questions that he has not seen before, not even in his past educational institutes. Therefore, it would be correct to say that UCAT is a formidable exam. There is no need to worry because the UCAT tutoring services of The Future Medic will train you in this way so you can attempt all questions with high proficiency.

What Factors Make UCAT Trickiest?

Following are some factors that make UCAT tricky to attempt for medical students.

1. More Number of Students

Every year, the number of willing students’ increases. The increasing number of students becomes a challenge for medical universities because they have limited seats. Furthermore, they also select a few students from a big crowd. And you should be competent to stand out from a big group of medical students.

2. Competition

Second, with thousands of students, competition becomes high in the medical field. A student with an average mind cannot pass this paper. But the struggle can make anything possible. UCAT tutoring service will help you prepare yourself for a high UCAT score.

3. 5 Sub-sets

The last and most prominent reason is the 5 sub-sets of the UCAT exam. All the students have 5 sub-parts on their paper based on different majors. 

  1. Verbal Reasoning contains 11 passages to read and attempt 44 questions within 21 minutes.
  2. The Decision Making includes 29 questions of tables, texts, charts, diagrams, and graphs in 31 minutes.
  3. Quantitative Reasoning has 36 different questions to attempt within 25 minutes.
  4. Abstract Reasoning of shapes and sets demands you to do 50 questions within 12 minutes.
  5. Situational Judgement consists of 66 questions about 22 scenarios to do within 26 minutes.

Are All Students Attempt the Same UCAT?

You are at fault if you think all students experience the same UCAT questions. However, every student faces the same UCAT sub-sets, but the questions inside them are different. So, you will have to prepare for anything if you see your future as a Doctor.

UCAT Preparation Courses from The Future Medic

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