Home appliances are guaranteed to work for a given period. Nevertheless, it’s practically not possible to have a lifetime warranty. They constantly require some kind of repair. Any appliance can break down suddenly catching us off-guard.

Most Commonly Faced Issues With Appliances

Some devices stop working properly more often than expected. Here are the most common appliances that malfunction and the issues you might have to face because of them.


It’s surely a bummer to learn that the ice and water dispenser, that people are so fond of, are the components that are most prone to breaking down. The number of houses reporting this issue has exceeded in numbers. It is sad to see these amazing ice makers not being able to make ice. This can definitely be more exasperating than ever during the summer season.


This widely used appliance holds one of the top thrones on the list of popularity. However, regardless of its fame, it is no secret that dishwashers can stop doing their job, all thanks to the issues they face. Some of these devices are believed to lose their efficiency in washing the dishes, while others are said to not dry or drain the dishes properly.

Washers and Dryers

This is yet another popular device that is known to break down very often. Many of its customers complained about finding mold around the front-loading door. However, this isn’t the only problem faced. Issues like the improper spinning of drums, draining problems, and the like are reported by the owners of washing machines as well. Some components like the door, lid switch, and drain pump, are also prone to breaking.


Microwaves ease the workload of preparing meals. This is the reason why disruption in their functioning can be seen as a great setback. The problems often faced are breaking off of control panels, inability to heat food, broken doors, exhaust fan failures, and so on.

Reasons Why Appliance Breakdowns Are Increasing

While the malfunction of appliances is an inevitable thing, we can still deter the issues by looking out for the problem beforehand and taking up appropriate measures. Some of the reasons why your appliance can stop working are:

  • Low maintenance of your appliances-

Regular maintenance is an essential task to keep your devices in shape.

  • Overloading-

Every appliance is designed with a certain threshold of its capacity and when they are forced into performing more than that, they break down. 

  • Fault in its installation-

Professional installation of your appliances is important for them to function optimally. The odds of the wearing out of appliances increases many fold more.

  • Unclean filters-

This is one of the most widespread reasons for the failure of your devices. A filter can be clogged with dust leading to the restriction of airflow through the unit and further adding to other problems like burnout of some parts.

Self-Diagnosis of Appliance Issues… A Good Idea?

With everyone’s hands on the internet, self-diagnosis has become a trend, be it with appliances or health. However, it is not appreciable to rely on it completely. Here are the reasons why self-diagnosis isn’t the best idea around:

  • Misleading content-

While the internet has some of the best content out there, every one of it can’t be guaranteed to relay the most reliable information. Even with its guidance, the user might end up misinterpretation leading to additional damages.

  • Danger-

These appliances might be put to use by barely anyone. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to remember that these appliances deal with complicated wiring and technologies. Self-diagnosing its problems and attempting to fix them isn’t advisable. You can be exposed to unknown hazards as a result of this.

The best possible solution is to contact professionals to find out the bugs and repair appliances.