Industries like hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, schools and sports centres all require cleaning. No building or organization can do as well as it does without proper hygiene and cleaning. This is the reason why janitorial services are vital, for they ensure adequate and regular cleaning so the customers can have a healthy and enjoyable experience.

Advantages of hiring Janitorial Cleaning services

  • Affordable: janitorial services are affordable, especially if you are looking for trusted people to clean the industrial space thoroughly. If your hire the same janitorial cleaning staff for multiple turns, the price is further waived off.
  • Reliable: With professional janitorial cleaning services, you do not have to worry about compromising quality. Care is ensured not to misplace any item or damage any industrial equipment while prioritizing a thorough clean up. The process is easy, quick and hassle-free.
  • Fast services: you can either pre-book the cleaning or call for it immediately. Either way, trusted personnel will be available at your disposal.

What services does Janitorial cleaning include?

  • Sweeping and vacuuming: The process usually starts with general sweeping and vacuuming. This includes cleaning the ground floor and the floors that follow. Special attention is given to corners of the room that are more prone to accumulating dust or mould growth.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms: Shared bathrooms and kitchens are used by hundreds of people. This is the reason why infection through public restrooms is way more than through private ones. The kitchen, along with its containing units, is sterilized and disinfected. The bathroom, faucet, taps and toilet seats are disinfected completely to prevent any infections. Regular mopping of the bathrooms is essential and strictly adhered to by the professional janitorial staff.
  • External surfaces: This includes tables, shelves, cupboards and running appliances. The reception desk, artefacts, area outside individual rooms are adequately cleaned and sanitized. If dust or waste has been accumulating that may have been harder to remove, upgraded equipment is used for its removal.
  • Inventory cleaning: Since janitorial services encompass all running industries, one of the important areas to look after is inventory. It contains emergency articles, extra items that may be required for various purposes, machinery, cleaning aides, etc. Maintaining the inventory is as important as maintaining everything that comes upfront since the inventory is the backbone of any organization. Janitorial services clean the inventory occasionally, removing all pest hubs, spider webs and anticipated mould growth.
  • Electrical appliances: Generators, vents, heaters, and air conditioners need to be cleaned once every six months to ensure there is no dirt accumulation that could be dangerous for the life of the equipment. Any blockage in the way of air can cause current drainage, voltage drop or malfunctioning of the equipment. Janitorial services ensure that all this is in place to make your stay even more welcoming.
  • Doors and windows: The doors, walls and windows are completely cleaned using soap and water. If need be, thorough cleaning is undertaken with the help of industrial equipment. The surface is taken care of, and the hinges, door handles, window panes, and doorknobs are thoroughly cleaned.