John Branca Attorney at Law and Other Famous UCLA Alumni


UCLA is one of the most famous colleges across the United States, notably for its diverse range of famous alumni. While the school has been home to countless musical artists, dancers, stage performers, activists, producers, and other entertainment professionals worldwide, some graduates have gone to make huge waves in the industry. Here are three examples of world-renowned celebrities that got their start on UCLA campuses.

John Branca

John Branca on Being a Music Lawyer from John Branca on Vimeo.

Arguably the most famous entertainment lawyer in the industry, John Branca Attorney at Law, is popular for his incredibly humanistic approach to law and his clients; he dedicates his time to protecting and representing clients as individuals rather than a mere part of a record label or larger company. Branca has represented a wide variety of musicians, including The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Dr. DRE and countless others. Most notably, Branca represented the late Michael Jackson for the majority of his career; following the King of Pop’s passing, Branca worked closely with Jackson’s Estate to preserve and rebrand his image.

Mark Hamill

The face and/or voice of characters like Luke Skywalker, DC Comics’ Joker and Fire Lord Ozai of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mark Hamill has been a pop culture icon since the early ’70s. Hamill has lent his talents to countless movies, television shows, video games and stage productions, winning numerous awards for his achievements in acting and writing. Beginning with roles on shows like General Hospital and The Texas Wheelers, Hamill would go on to become a breakout star after the unmatched success of the Star Wars film franchise. Spanning over the course of two decades, Hamill continually reprised his role as Luke Skywalker for many of the franchise’s movies. 

Janet Collins

A true pioneer for aspiring women of color in the world of dance, Janet Collins was among the first African American women to become a world-renowned ballerina. In fact, Collins was one of the very few women of color who were classically trained in this dance style. Working closely with talented dancers like Katherine Dunham and Dorothy Lyndall, Collins would eventually be discovered after a one-night show in Los Angeles, where glowing reviews would grant her the opportunity to perform her own choreography at 92nd Street YMHA in New York. Janet Collins was the very first African American ballerina to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and would go on to teach ballet at Balanchine’s School of American Ballet.

The alumni of UCLA have changed the world in many unmistakable ways, giving hope and inspiration to the newer generations currently enrolled.

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