Types of Hardwood Flooring


When it comes to building a new home or starting a remodel project, you have many decisions to make. And one such important decision is choosing the right flooring material. These days, vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular flooring solutions. 

A synthetic cousin of linoleum, vinyl flooring is of two types- tiles and plank. The tile vinyl flooring usually comprises tiles of 9″x9″ or 12″x12″ that replicates the look of a ceramic tile. The plank or sheet vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is laid down in sheets of 6 or 12 feet wide. 

Vinyl floors are an attractive and economical solution for homeowners looking for high-quality flooring. Vinyl floors are a popular option among homeowners because it’s perfect for high traffic and moisture-prone areas like kitchen, bathroom, and basement. It is water-and stain-resistant, versatile, and provides good durability. 

Vinyl plank flooring is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners because it offers several benefits. The latest luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and planks are engineered for long-lasting performance. If you are looking for an affordable flooring solution, consider the following advantages of vinyl floors. 

Affordable Solution

If you want an economical flooring solution, consider vinyl planks. Unlike hardwood flooring, vinyl costs much less. But low price doesn’t mean inferior quality. Even the best quality vinyl flooring is a cost-effective option than many other flooring materials. Vinyl costs less than ceramic tile or hardwood flooring but still gives a similar appearance. Moreover, vinyl tiles offer value for money because they are long-lasting.

Beautiful Designs & Ample Variety 

Vinyl is available in several colors, patterns, and designs. You can choose vinyl in any shape or size to complement your home’s design. With vinyl, it’s possible to achieve hardwood look or contemporary ceramic design. Luxury vinyl tile also comes with a textured surface to create a stone or wooden looks. Vinyl has a realistic timber look which makes it nearly impossible to differentiate between a ‘real’ timber floor and a vinyl plank. Besides the wooden look, you can also choose between options such as marble, stone, parquet, and concrete to seamlessly fit in your home’s style.

Easy To Install and Maintain

Vinyl is one of the simplest floors to install. As compared to installing other floors, the cost of installation vinyl is negligible. Moreover, vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain. You can quickly mop the high traffic area with water and a mild detergent. For regular cleaning, you can use a broom, vacuum or microfiber sweeper. Vinyl is also super easy to maintain because it doesn’t require waxing or scrubbing to retain its luster. 

Extremely Durable 

Vinyl is also extremely durable because it doesn’t chip, crack or splinter over time. It is made of PVC with high-quality coatings that help in extending the lifetime of the floors. Due to its durability, it can withstand a lot of traffic and is perfect for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Vinyl planks are also resistant to water so you don’t need to worry about accidental spills or pet messes. Moreover, it doesn’t scratch or stain easily.