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It is possible to install new laminate flooring over an old one, but you should be careful. Not only will it take you more time to install the new floor, but it can also damage the original floor. The best way to protect the old flooring is to install underlayment first. Using this will prevent the new floor from sagging. Make sure that you measure the subfloor carefully, as uneven floors may make your new flooring look ugly.

Best Method to Installing the Laminate Flooring in UAE:

First, you should make sure that your subfloor is completely level. If there are depressions or ridges, the new laminate might not be able to adhere properly to it. If you have a sloping floor, you can conceal the problem by installing a layer of underlayment. However, if you do not have a flat floor, you might have to repair it first before installing the new flooring.

Before installing new laminate flooring, make sure that the old one is completely even. Any depressions or ridges in the subfloor may cause problems with the new floor. If you find that your old floor has a recessed ceiling, you might have to resize the entrances to the rooms. Remember that laying new laminate over an old floor will result in a thicker floor, which could lead to issues in the future.

Best Services of Laminate Flooring in UAE:

If you do not plan to install new laminate flooring over an old one, you will need to remove the old floor before installing it. You will need to remove the trim before you can install the new flooring. This can be a tedious process, and you should also prepare the subfloor for the new flooring before starting. Once the underlayment is in place, you can then go ahead and install the new flooring over the old one.

Laminate Flooring

Before installing new laminate flooring over an old floor, make sure you have a level and solid surface. It is not advisable to try to install a new floor over an old one, as the latter can cause damage to the new floor. Furthermore, you can’t install a new floor on top of an old one if the subfloor is unstable. So, before installing a new laminate floor, make sure you have an old flooring removed.

Different Types of Laminate Flooring in UAE:

Another question to ask is: should I install new laminate flooring over an old one? The answer depends on the type of existing flooring. In most cases, if the original floor is flat and smooth, you can install the new laminate over it. A thicker laminate can cause it to buckle, causing problems for the new one. As long as you make sure the floor is flat and level, you can lay down the new flooring over it.

It is also best to remove any previous flooring before installing a new laminate. Usually, plywood is used as a subfloor. Before installing a new laminate floor, make sure the floor is flat, smooth, and padded. Otherwise, the new floor will cause a problem for the old floor. You should remove the old laminate flooring before laying the new one. You should do it if you are unsure.


Adding an extra layer of flooring can make your floors taller. You can use laminate sheets to cover up damaged planks. Once you have removed the old laminate floor, you should carefully pull up the old floorboards. Usually, the old floorboards are attached with adhesive, and you will have to remove them before laying the new ones. You can follow the same instructions for laying new floors over old ones.

Before laying the new laminate flooring over your old floor, make sure the old floor is flat. You should also check if there are any depressions on the subfloor. If so, you should cut the subfloor to make sure it is level. If the floor is flat, it is fine to install the new flooring over it. If not, you should cut the old floor and install the brand new one.

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