Learning to Cross Stitch


Cross stitching is one of the easiest and most useful hobbies. Young or old can create beautiful cross stitch pattern maker without any experience. The key to enjoying your project is knowing the best and most effective way to do it. Follow the steps below and you will become a master quickly.

1. Cross stitching is made of small squares and made of cross and long woven yarn. Each square represents the square in your chart, and you complete the cross stitching on each fabric. The key matches the symbols in your symbol and shows you the correct color in each square.

2. Start sewing to make a full kinder from the top left corner of the pattern (all squares are sewn). Allow a three-inch border on each side of the design to help complete your section. Let’s say that if your design is 12 ″ x 14, you would buy 18 ″ x 20 pieces of fabric.

If the design of your choice does not cover all types, you can start from the middle of the design. You still need a “3” border on all four sides. To find the center of the fabric, divide it into lengths and halves. Mark the midpoint of the two curves with a nail. Your central circuit will be aligned. The central square at the center of the graph corresponds to the location of your nail up to the floor lines in your fabric.

3. To start sewing, thread your needle into the 2 edges of the embroidered pipe and count 14 to 20 stitches per inch. If you use a fabric with a large number of fabrics (25 stitches per inch and more) and you sew a square, you will use 1 thread.

4. When you start sewing, place a long tail behind your work and you will hold it while sewing. This protects your threads. Don’t tie the knot to your threads.

5. Sneakers are made of uniform, diagonal seams, usually from left to right. Each piece is sewn in one direction, making sure that the top seams strive for all the seams. Keep the tension in the thread. It is recommended to use an embroidered hat or frame to hold the material firmly.

6. The same seam is made by removing the needle in the lower-left corner of the square, inserting it into the upper-right corner, again removing it from the lower-right corner, and inserting it into the upper-left corner. .

7. To create a row of sneakers in the same fabric, take a needle from the lower left corner of the area, insert it into the right and right corner, remove it from the front seam and do not use as much. sewing while doing this. You have a diagonal seam. Insert the needle into the bottom right corner, diagonally insert into the area, straight down, and so on. repeat the work to complete the field.

8. For endless sewing, use the pulling method by pushing the needle and thread onto the fabric raised from the back for the next sewing. Do not use the sewing method as it will have an uneven effect.

To remove the 9 threads, make a needle under 5 or 6 stitches to tie the thread to the back of your shirt. Cut the threads close to the fabric so that the other threads do not get stuck.

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