List of Some Famous Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Places


Jammu and Kashmir are well-known for their beauty. This place is unmatched anywhere in the world, as the famous poet said, “Agar Firdous Baroye Zameenas Hamee’as Hamee’as Hamee’as Hamee’as Hamee’as” (If paradise exists on Earth, it’s this, it’s this). Jammu’s calm winter capital Jammu offers a heavenly experience in Kashmir Valley. Unwavering service to tourists they come from all over the world to find paradise on earth.

There are many to choose from.Beautiful spots and places they can be found all over Jammu and Kashmir. We are only listing a few.

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These are some of the most popular tourist spots in Jammu and Kashmir:

1. Srinagar

The state’s winter capital is an exceptional place. You can’t miss Srinagar’s many attractions. You will be blown away by the beauty of these places, starting from downtown. The world-famous Dal Lake is also worth mentioning. Your Srinagar tour will end with a Shikara ride, and a night on a houseboat.

2. Gulmarg:

This spot is famous for its snow festivals, skiing, and other celebrations. It is possible to spend more than an hour admiring the snow-covered mountains, trees, and clear sky. To feel overjoyed, you can take a Gondola ride to Seven Spring. To come back from this place will require a lot of effort.

 3. Pahalgam:

 It is difficult to believe that someone is actually looking at all of this in Asia, be it Chandanwadi or Betab Valley. It is a stunning sight that cannot be beaten. It is a popular tourist spot in Jammu and Kashmir due to its waterfalls, glaciers, and lush green outfields.

 4. Sanasar:

This place, located approximately 20 kilometers from Patni-top, Jammu is known for its great food and drink Paragliding and trekking. Spending some quality time at the top of the mountains can soothe your nerves and bring you peace. It is a popular tourist attraction because it is close to the clouds.

5. Sonamarg:

There are many short and long routes to take you to places such as Gangabal Lake and Thajiwas glacier. Zojila Pass, which connects Kashmir to Ladakh, is something you won’t want to miss. Sonamarg is home to many activities, including hiking and exploring the lush green fields and majestic mountains.

6. Bangus Valley:

 It is located in the northern part of the Kupwara District. It is also a top Jammu and Kashmir tourist spot. It covers an area of approximately 300 km2. It is crossed by several small streams. This valley’s forests and plains will transport you to a whole new world.

7. Bahu Fort:

Bahu Fort is believed to be the oldest structure in Jammu. It was built by Raja Bahulochan, a Dogra dynasty ruler, around 3000 years ago. This impressive Fort is located on the bank’s river Tawi and is a popular tourist attraction. The fort offers history lovers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts amazing opportunities to spend time in nature and appreciate it.

It is home to the Mahakali temple, a sacred place for devotees. The fort hosts the popular Bahu Mela twice a year during Navratri. This attracts thousands of visitors and Kali worshippers.

8. Mubarak Mandi Palace:

This grand abode is located in the heart of Jammu’s old walled capital. It is well-known for its remarkable narratives and archaeological significance.

This palace’s walls contain many buildings and complexes like Darbar Hall and the Pink Palace, Royal Courts and Gol Ghar, Hawa Mahal, and the Toshakhana Palace.

This palace’s oldest component dates back to the 18th century. It has seen a lot of time and collected specimens from the past, making Mubarak Mandi Palace a great place to visit for history buffs.

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