Ask an airsoft player what his or her most critical piece of equipment is. Actually, ask like 50 airsoft players what their most critical pieces of equipment are. Not one of them is going to jump up and down emphatically proclaiming the magazine as the most important piece of his repertoire. Most of them will claim that one of their airsoft guns, one of their attachments, or even maybe some tactical tool is the most important part of their tactical assemblage.

Fine – but, we ask, does a mag fed airsoft gun work at all without the magazine?

Enough said on the matter, here’s what to look for in airsoft magazines before buying.

●Tough construction – Number one in importance is tough construction. An airsoft mag that is made of thin plastic or is not reinforced will deform under pressure, which will prevent it from feeding properly. That, or it will just break outright.

●A powerful compression spring – Completely necessary to ensure that the magazine feeds properly. Some mags feed reliably when they are full because the spring is under a lot of pressure and then start to become shoddy as the mag empties out, due to lesser pressure on the spring. A good spring will help prevent this.

●A high-quality top feeder – While the spring is probably the most important aspect of reliable feeding, a high-quality top feeder is important as well. Without a good top feeder, the airsoft gun is going to be more likely to jam. In addition, there could be one or two BBs that remain in the mag that it fails to feed.

●A gauge to see how full the mag is – This is not absolutely critical but it definitely is very helpful. A lot of magazines have a gauge on the side to show you how full they are; some magazines are just plain old see-through. It’s a nice convenient feature to let you know how prepared you are. No one counts single rounds through an AEG in the heat of an engagement.

●A loading guide of some sort – Much like real rifles sometimes can accept devices known as “magwells” that facilitate loading, some airsoft magazines come with loading guides to make it easier and quicker to reload a magazine while also potentially forestalling damage to your equipment.

●Adequate capacity for a given airsoft application – Some situations call for a mid cap or a mid capacity magazine, others for a high capacity magazine. This will also vary by the airsoft gun that you use, but just remember that there are mid cap and high cap models for a lot of different airsoft guns and sometimes you don’t need to carry around the extra weight.

●Compatibility with your airsoft gun – Finally, it’s important to look for and use a magazine that is rated to be compatible with your airsoft gun. That’s something to be aware of before you buy one, or an extra because if your airsoft gun won’t take it it’s not much more than a paperweight.

Therefore, you need to shop with a seller that knows their stuff inside and out.

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