There’s far more than one style of cuckoo clock out there, and plenty of ways you can decorate your home with one. Even if you feel that the large case of some 8-day clocks are too elaborate or embellished for the setting of your home, there are plenty of different styles in between this and a basic cube-shaped modern clock. Somewhere in the mix is the perfect clock for your home, and you just have to find it. Check out some of these examples of different cuckoo clocks.

Bavarian Band 25” Cuckoo Clock

This Chalet Style clock is beautifully decorated and wonderfully animated. It showcases the image of a Bavarian Band in a public scene and is intricately detailed down to the level of the foliage of the trees and the animals on the scene. It comes with a 36 note music box that plays two different songs and the cuckoo bird nods and sings on the hour and the half-hour. The dancers dance to the music as the band and mill wheel both turn to the music as well. This musical clock even has an automatic night time shut off.

Bears Forest 26” Cuckoo Clock

Whereas the first model listed above is a great example of a Chalet Style clock, this is a fine example of a Traditional or Hunter style clock. Chalet Style clocks feature scenes from village or city life, whereas traditional hand-carved clocks vibrantly display wildlife and celebrate the beauty of rural Black Forest life. This hand-carved clock is a true work of art, illustrating bears in a forest scene in vivid detail. It also features dancers above the clock’s face that twirl to the music it plays.

Classic Bird 16” Cuckoo Clock

This is another fine representation of a Traditional style clock, like the Bears Forest clock listed above. In this case, the clock details a flock of birds nestled amongst maple leaves in a wood. The case has a rich, dark finish and is elegantly detailed, complete with a cuckoo that nods and sings on the hour and half hour. It’s a slightly less detailed clock than the model immediately above, but it is a fine classic clock, and perfect for a setting that features similar items of furniture in dark wood or a rustic theme.

Classic Black Forest 10” Cuckoo Clock

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a 1-day Chalet Style clock. Whereas the other clocks featured above are 8-day clocks that have a mechanical cycle of about a week, a 1-day clock like this will operate for about 30 hours before needing to be rewound. Although this clock will require you to wind it once a day, it is a smaller and more affordable option as compared to the other 8 day clocks on this list. In addition, it brings the same beauty and detail, albeit on a smaller scale. This Black Forest Village Scene is completed by details of cut wood and trees and the cuckoo sings on the hour and the half-hour. It’s a great option for those looking for a mechanical cuckoo clock of smaller proportions.

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