Before you go looking for special deals in Sun Mountain golf bags on sale, first you should take some time and figure out what you need in a golf bag before you pull the trigger. Do you need a bag that has a padded compartment for your rangefinder? Do you need a bag that is extremely lightweight, that you can carry around the course all day long by yourself? Would you rather have a bag that is larger and easier to use from the back of a cart? How many clubs will you need to carry? The questions aren’t endless, but there are a lot of them, and you might as well figure out what you need before you spend money on something that doesn’t have the features you want in order to be effective. 

The three main categories of golf bags that you will find are stand bags, cart bags, and travel bags. Each of them is designed to occupy a specific niche in order to be effective, and most of them are specifically designed to these ends. The upside is that a Sun Mountain stand bag is going to be optimized for use on the course, but won’t offer your clubs much protection during travel. On the flip side, a Sun Mountain travel bag will be designed to keep your clubs safe but will be highly impractical to use in the course of play. Here are the things you should look for in each category before you make a purchase decision. 

A stand bag is more or less defined by its weight relative to the capacity it offers. It won’t be much use if a stand bag doesn’t offer plenty of room, but it’s even worse if one is just too heavy to comfortably carry around. Therefore, some of the lightest bags you will find are stand bags. They are designed to make it easy and comfortable for players to walk the course while bringing along all of their essentials. They often also come with carbon fiber legs that are very strong and don’t add a lot of weight, and they often have comfort-enhancing features. 

Then you have cart bags, which sacrifice some lightness to add as much room as possible. They are also designed to make it practical to access all of the compartments and retrieve your clubs from one side without having to roll the bag over. In that way, they can be loaded up into a cart and easily used without too much work or hassle. 

Finally, you have travel bags, which are not designed to be used on the course at all. Rather, they are designed to protect your clubs and other equipment while you are taking them out on the road. Many of them are fairly heavy and hard-sided to offer as much protection as possible. Because protection comes at a premium over weight, many of them have towing handles and wheels to make it easy for them to be pulled around instead of carried. 

Keep each of these in mind while you are shopping before you go in search of Sun Mountain golf bags on sale. If you do this homework in advance, the purchase will come a lot more naturally to you and you’ll be more satisfied in the end as well. 

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