Dubai has become a great place that attracts foreigners as well as ex-pats and therefore the population of the place is increasing tremendously consisting of 85% foreigners. It has further become the potential place to buy property and investments. However, while you decide to buy property in Dubai you must make sure that that you know the place well and the significant areas that suit you well. This article will provide you with some interesting place advice that you can definitely try out before buying a property in Dubai.

  • Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is referring to be the most expensive place in Dubai and it is known for its high-rise buildings as well as the upscale communities. In case you would like to buy property in Dubai, you can opt for this place as it consists of luxurious high-end towers and apartment towers. In addition, the place is mostly liked for its scenic view and it has a tendency for future development as well. However, the price range for this area is a bit high. Therefore, you can mostly see any residential apartments within these areas. Some of the projects that are going on in these areas are like Burj Khalifa, The Lofts, Act One, and others as well. 

  • Dubai Business Bay

As per the statics that was released by the Dubai Land Department, also known as DLD Business Bay properties are referred to be the most soughed one since 2018.  It is also the neighboring districts in Dubai Downtown. So buying a property in Dubai Business Bay is a significant option.  It is also emerging areas consist of business as well as commercial centers within the city. Thus, it intends to attract investors who really wanted to invest in significant property. It is having several skyscrapers whereas other is still under constructions. You can also find high-rise apartments with respect to urban or professional life or even for families. Some of the projects are The Opus, Imperial Avenue, and others

  • Palm Jumeirah

It is referred to be a modern-day wonder for those who are looking to buy property in Dubai. It consists of an artificial island therefore it catches the eye of investors. The areas thus were developed as tourist attractions as well as holiday destinations for foreigners. You can also find available restaurants, hotels as well as resorts. However, it mostly consists of exclusive villas along with few constructed projects on the apartment. 

  • Dubai Marina

This can be the best place if you would like to buy a property with a waterfront view. It is often called the “Pearl of Dubai”. It is mostly in higher demand because of its magnificent location as it is situated near the center. In addition, it also has the most expensive hotels as well as restaurants thus makes it a busy place. It consists of high-rise apartments along with townhouses and lastly luxury villas. Some of the most popular projects taking place are Six Towers, Le Reve, The Jewels, and others.

  • Jumeirah Lake Towers 

It is a place of higher concentration as well as high-rise towers and therefore this place is most popular among the families. The type of property that you can find here are luxury apartments, penthouse, or service apartments.

  • Jumeirah Village circle

In order to buy property in Dubai, it is the most significant place that provides you with a village setting and a peaceful environment. This is because it is situated far away from the crowded city and so it can be a significant place. You may not find many high-rise buildings while compared to central areas thus making it a significant place to live. 

  • Arabian Ranches 

If you want to buy property in Dubai in terms of luxury villas, it is the best place to invest in. The area is still under development with high rising demand for foreigners. It is mostly developed as an outskirt of Dubai and it is situated next to the desert thereby making it attractive.

  • Spring

It is mostly a villa as well as a townhouse community, which is a bit popular among the families. It is also located far away from the city therefore it makes it’s attractive due to its peacefulness. Hence, you can always opt for this play to invest in property.  

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