When it comes to radio advertising, the quote- “old is gold”- works the best to depict it’s high reachability, extensive use and readability in comparison to internet or any other type of media channel. Did you know? Till date- commercial radio has a reach of more than 16 million individuals every week, per location. Apart from this- research reveals many people still enjoy listening to the radio with the majority of it at home (49%) and in the car (32%). 

There’s no doubt to the fact that the audience still love to lend their ears when they get to hear about something important or pay heed to their favorite song that is streaming on the radio. Whether they are fond of listening to the music on radio, chat shows or gaining daily dose of the news- they simply can’t miss the information as they do while turning the pages of newspapers or scrolling the screen of their phones. Are you looking for Best Radio Advertising Company? Then, you’ve made the right choice! Radio is affordable, offers wide reach, target audience selectively to get the message delivered. 

Below is the list of advantages that you will receive when you choose to advertise via radio:

Selective Targeting: As, we already know that each and every radio station targets particular demographics and market segments. Therefore, choosing a specific station and looking for the best radio Ad rates Canada to broadcast with can help you to directly reach out to your target audience.

Increased Frequency: When it comes to accessing particular information via radio- there’s no stop button that a person can use to pay no attention. This is why radio turns out to be a perfect medium for advertising. PS: Being able to expose your ad in front of the audience can help create a desirable impact.

More Memorable: As compared to written advertisement, sound has an advantage to get stored in memory better. Additionally, it allows listeners to use their imagination to create their own image of the service- which makes them curious to buy the product.

Cost-effective: Radio advertising is far more pocket-friendly as compared to other types of media channels! Television and print ads can go up to hundreds of thousands including the expense for video equipment, models and actors. That’s why- radio is better! It requires minimum resources while being able to reach the same target audience. 

Conclusion: Listening to radio, both directly or indirectly is the best way to catch hold of important/relevant information. 

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