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Trea Turner joins the Phillies after agreeing to an 11-year, $300 million contract, according to sources

One of the sport’s most electrifying athletes is Turner, 29. For the Los Angeles Dodgers in the year 2022, he produced a batting line of.298/.343/.466 with 39 doubles, 21 home runs, and 27 steals in 30 tries. Turner has a career WAR value of 5.7 per 162 games when you factor in above-average defense at a premium position. He is a bonafide superstar. Earlier this offseason, Turner turned down the $19.6 million qualifying offer.

The Phillies will give up their second and fifth-highest 2023 draft selections, along with $1 million in international bonus money for the 2024 year signing period, in order to sign Turner since they paid CBT in 2022.

  • Days after losing Jacob deGrom, the Mets signed Justin Verlander to a two-year contract reportedly for $86 million.

According to Jim Bowden of CBS Sports HQ, Justin Verlander, the current American League Cy Young Award winner, has reached an agreement on a contract( free agency contract) with the New York Mets of a two-year deal with a third-year vesting option will be given to Verlander. The first two years of the contract, according to The Athletic, are for $86.66 million.

The three-year, $130 million contract that the Mets offered Max Scherzer this offseason has an average yearly value of $43.3 million, which is tied for the most in baseball history. Though Aaron Judge could join them this summer, Scherzer and Verlander are the only two players who have ever signed contracts worth more than $40 million annually.

With Verlander, FanGraphs projects New York’s competitive balance tax payroll for 2023 to be $288.8 million, just shy of their record $298.8 million payroll for 2022. Owner Steve Cohen’s willingness to spend more than $300 million is unknown, and if he isn’t, the team will likely search for methods to reduce salaries so they can sign more players.

James McCann, a catcher, is a prime candidate for a pay cut. The Mets had a 101-61 record last year, came in second to the Braves in the NL East, and fell to the Padres in the Wild Card Series in three games. On June 1, New York held a 10 1/2-game advantage. The third-largest division lead ever blown in baseball history.

  • Speculations about Aaron Judge: Giants and Yankees are competing to sign a free-agency slugger, and a decision may be made shortly.

Two significant contracts were signed on Monday during the 2022 Winter Meetings in San Diego: Justin Verlander signed for $86 million with the New York Mets for two years and Trea Turner signed with the Philadelphia Phillies for eleven years and Six of the top 10 free agents are among the 36 of our top 50 free agents that are still unsigned.

Aaron Judge, the current AL MVP, is the biggest free agent this offseason, both really and figuratively speaking. The 62-home run guy reportedly received an offer from the New York Yankees “in the area” of eight years and $300 million; nevertheless, it is anticipated that Judge would want the ninth year.

 Like Harper and Trout, Judge would reach age 38 with an eight-year contract. He would live until age 39 with a nine-year contract, much like Betts. Does he now strive to reach 40 like Turner in that 10th year? I don’t believe that asking for the tenth year would be unreasonable given the season Judge had. Although it’s unlikely he’ll accept it, why not try?

Can the Giants and Yankees afford to lose out on Judge for a further 10 years, through 2032? That is really far! We don’t know how the game will be played then, and it’s extremely probable that the people in charge of baseball operations today won’t be in charge of baseball operations then. This will be controversial in the world of major league baseball or national football league news. When a team caves and grants him that 10th year, even if it’s just an option, Judge’s free agency may be decided.