Monsoon is the second most romantic time for the lovers as the first one is Valentine’s Week. Gifting at any time is a special gesture that brings happiness and closeness in a relationship. But surprise gifts during the rainy days and nights are like the cherry on the top.  There is always a special thing about the rainy season. Starting from holding hands and walking in the drizzles with your lover, to having unlimited romantic talks on the phone on rainy nights; it is altogether a romantic feeling. Raindrops make the romance darker and intensified.  But in this year, the monsoon is a little different. We may feel a gap between the lovers because of the on-going pandemics, social distancing, and lockdown. All the obstacles make it impossible to go out on a bike ride with your boyfriend or dance together on the rooftop. But still, we can fill the gaps through gifts that can convey the messages of “I love you”, “I miss you”, “Thinking of you” or “Sorry”, or “Love and Affection” to your lover.

MyFlowerApp is one of the best gift and flower retailers in the country that understands how to express any message of love through gifting and surprises. We have gifts, cakes, flowers, and combo gifts for every purpose and occasion.

Some of the ultimate gifts you can send to your loved one during the monsoon times are:

Personalized Ceramic Coffee mugs:

Chai or coffee times are the most enticing moments in this season. If you are missing those lovely moments of coffee dates with your girlfriend or boyfriend, then let them know it through the gifts of a set of personalized coffee mugs with your pictures on it. You can also send quoted mugs to write down your message on it and make them think of you every time they take their coffee sips.

Personalized Cushion:

A cushion is a warm token of gift that can be useful as well as thoughtful. Get a beautiful picture of you along with your lover and print it on a cozy cushion to send it as a surprise. Don’t wait for a special reason to send it as we provide same day delivery of gifts as well.

Musical gift with flowers:

Send a soothing musical note with some flowers to cheer up and romanticize the moments for your lover. We all know what impact flowers can put on the recipient. A rhythmic tone to complement the sound of rain will add on to the beauty of your monsoon gift.

Soft Toy :

A fluffy and cuddly soft toy can win a girl’s heart instantly. Most of the girls love to sleep by hugging a snuggly toy. So, if you are missing your girlfriend too during these times, then send her this gift of a soft toy that has a “Miss you” or “Love You” message on it.


Chocolate can uplift anyone’s mood, any time! But at this time of the year, some sweet things are much more mesmerizing. Send Ferrero Rochers in a bouquet or Dairy Milk in a vase along with red roses, to impress your sweetheart most pleasantly.

Pedicure/manicure/Facial Kit for your girlfriend:

Monsoon can be a little harsh for the skin and hair. One way to pamper your lover is by sending her a kit of facial, or manicure, or pedicure which will surely solve her problems during this pandemics and monsoon.

Grooming kit for your boyfriend:

As monsoon can put effects on skin and hair negatively, send a grooming kit for your handsome one to keep his masculinity afresh. You can also send perfumes, lotions, or shaving kit for him.

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