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What is the first thing you should think about when designing an original book’s cover? It’s been said one should not judge a book on its appearance. But readers are easily impressed by a book’s design. Being a serious writer, you’re naturally inclined to ensure that your work is attractive to your readers in the best way you could. If avid readers go to an establishment, whether an online store or a physical one They browse through magazines or books of interests and hope to find one that appeals to their needs. Some covers might shout at the customer, “Take me! You know you want to.” There are numerous that make readers sigh in denial about whether to take the risk of buying a book with an uninteresting cover.

Let’s look at the fundamentals. What could you do to ensure that your cover art is attractive?

A book’s cover is meant to tell a story in just a couple of seconds. Look objectively at a book cover you made. When you’re satisfied that you’ve created the cover for a book consider a second glance. What message do you want to communicate to your customer accomplish its purpose with the cover by itself?

One way to aid you is to look online for which kinds of covers have been selling out like pancakes on fire, particularly those that are part of the genre that you’re writing. Can you design a book cover that is similar to their style however, it is uniquely suited to the story you’re telling? We’re not talking about copying other people’s designs, but rather the process of letting them inspire your creativity.

What is the first thing you should be thinking about when the opportunity to design your book’s cover appears?

1. Do not overthink it. Find a solution that is easy to understand.

2. Give a sneak peek of the story.

3. The core of the story in a few sentences.

Simple and clean It’s important that the design of your book cover is clean, not taking up too much space with things. The message on the cover should be apparent through a glance. The customer shouldn’t take too long to figure out the details of your cover’s design in case it’s cluttered with. The title, the author’s penname and any text that are written on the cover should be easy to read. Do not use too many colors. Your book’s cover will not be an array of colors. Make sure that everything is in harmony so that it appears at once striking and captivating.

A glimpse of the story of your book. A picture is worth thousands of words. Have you heard of that phrase? We’re sure that it’s real. Therefore, make sure that your cover will be a statement with the pictures you choose to use.

The core of your story. Some authors employ only two words or phrases, while others employ a brief sentence. It’s not simple however, as an author you have to set aside time to consider. How do you present your story in just a few words? If you can nail some catchy phrases, those are the phrases you’d like to include in your cover. Practice makes perfect. Take a look at other book covers and observe what words they employ.

How can I stay clear of legal problems?

Always use caution when you use images or photos which are copyrighted. Make sure you only use images that you’ve been granted in writing permission to use or bought rights to make use of. You can find a variety of images that you can purchase rights to on sites like bigstockphoto, shuttershock, 123rf, and so on. We wish you success when designing the cover of your book. If you don’t want to worry about stock images, we recommend Digiart, they have the best premade book covers on the web.

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