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Man Dumps His Partner For 22-Year-Old Ukrainian Refugee Who Came To Live With Them


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Two-year-old British father has decided to leave his partner and go with a 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee. Following the conflict in Ukraine, the young woman moved in with her family.

They quickly became close and it was obvious that this was a concern for his partner. They were together for over a decade.

They claim they are living their “love story” but clearly don’t care about the harm and pain that their romance is causing.

Tony Garnett, a 29-year old man, and Lorna Garnett, a 28-year-old woman, decided to host Sofiia Karakadym in May. Two weeks later, Sofiia was with Tony, and the seemingly happy relationship between them ended.

Tony is a security guard and lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He declared his love for his lover and said that he would be happy to spend the rest his life with her.

Sofiia fled Lviv, Ukraine. She was attracted to Tony as soon as she saw him.

He was her “favorite” from the moment they met. Now, she says they have their own “love story.”

They know Lorna will be hurt by their relationship. Tony claims that he discovered a special connection with Sofiia.

Both insist that they are doing the right thing.

Tony and his family decided to host Sofiia as a way to assist the Ukrainian refugees in need of help after Russian forces invaded Ukraine. When Sofiia approached him, he said that he wanted to “do the right thing”. He offered to accept a refugee via a Facebook page.

Sofiia is an IT manager and flew to Manchester in May 4. Before her UK visa was approved, she had to wait in Berlin for several weeks.

Tony claims that he had a deep and intimate relationship with Sofiia. He also liked her as did his two children, 6 and 3. His spouse of 10 years didn’t find her as charming as the rest.

Tony is able to speak Slovakian and was able talk to Sofiia even though she spoke Ukrainian. Both languages can be understood by speakers of each other.

Lorna doesn’t speak either language and was left unable to comprehend what they were talking about. Tony said that he was “getting along brilliantly” with the Ukrainian refugee but there was not much else going on at the time.

He understood, however, why Lorna was jealous of Sofiia.

As Tony went to the gym, Sofiia began to go with him. They were also growing closer physically.

Tony realized that Sofiia and he were growing closer, as they kept finding excuses for touching and brushing against each other. He said that they were just flirting at the time.

He said that he understood the “innocent’ behavior, but it was starting to lead to conflicts. Sofiia would prepare him a meal when he returned home.

Tony stated that Lorna became “very jealous” of him as he got closer and closer to Sofiia. She began to wonder why the young woman was so close to him.

Things started to get very heated in the house and Sofiia began to tell Tony she didn’t know if she was able stay in the house given the circumstances.

Lorna wasn’t happy with the family hosting the refugee, since it meant that their two daughters would have to share a single bedroom.

The two women in the house eventually got into an argument that became a turning point in Tony’s and Lorna’s relationship. Sofiia was devastated by the incident and felt she couldn’t live with her family any longer.

Tony decided to stand with Lorna, his long-term partner. He told her: “If she goes, I’m going.” After something clicked within him, he made the declaration.

The two lovers moved in together with their parents after the statement. They are now looking for a place to live.

In ten days, a 10 year-old relationship was over. Tony doesn’t believe Lorna is to blame.

He also admitted to feeling guilty about the events that occurred.

“I am so sorry Lorna is going through. This was not her fault and it wasn’t about anything she did wrong.”

He insists that they didn’t plan for what happened and did not intend to hurt anyone.

Lorna’s friend says that the woman is “absolutely devastated”. Because she was married to Tony for ten-years before their family was torn apart in a matter of ten days.

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