Since the Western ghats began to appeal me like anything, I never denied any opportunity to proceed to investigate those mountains. I needed to finish about barely any journeys in the Western ghats before the finish of 2017. Journeying Baba Budangiri slopes, Kodachadri slopes and Chokramudi slopes were some of them. Lastly, the Kumara Parvatha journey occurred in the most recent month of the year. 

The job Western ghats plays in the everyday routine and culture of individuals experiencing here was critical, which point out the need to ensure them. The elite biodiversity of these mountains are exceptionally sensitive, it must be taken consideration genuinely. In excess of a journey, each trail was a learning experience for me. Expectation I can investigate more and reveal to you many intriguing stories this year moreover. 

I came to think about Kumara Parvatha journey from one of my partners. From that point forward, I was trusting that the ideal time will do the journey. Attempted to travel Kumara Parvatha during the rainstorm, however the authorities were not permitting that time. So trusted that the rainstorm will get over. 

Kumara Parvatha journey is one of the most known trips in the Western Ghats, celebrated in the web and online media nowadays. Despite the fact that it is somewhat hard for the novices, numerous individuals come here, particularly during the ends of the week. Many experience organizations arrange Kumara Parvatha journey, generally from Bangalore. 

The traveling should be possible from different sides, from Somwarpet and from Kukke Subramanya. So we chose to rise through one path and slip through the other, to not miss anything in transit. Came to realize that, the passage through Somwarpet side is nearly simple and less swarmed. The path beginning from the opposite side, Kukke Subramanya is long and exceptionally steep. So we picked Somwarpet as our beginning stage, did all the transport and train appointments from Chennai to arrive at Somwarpet on a Saturday morning. 

The towns of Karnataka on the Western Ghats are lovely. Somwarpet isn’t an exemption. It is peaceful and vivid. We started our stroll from Beedehalli precisely, entered to the Pushpagiri timberland district in the wake of taking tickets from the woods check post. Two or three different gatherings were additionally on the path. The path experiences backwoods at first and later as we go up, the woods offered approach to tall grasses. There are sheets on the path, showing the course and the separation to the top. Since we were strolling through the backwoods, the sun was not an issue. Barely any streams in transit give drinking water. The troublesome piece of this path was two spots where we need to climb steep rocks. It was minimal dubious, and a few people will think that its troublesome. Other than that, this path can be finished absent a lot of exertion. 

The most effective method to begin Kumara Parvatha journey 

As I said before, there are two paths for Kumara Parvatha journey. The decision is yours, the path from Beedehalli side is simpler contrasted with the path from Kukke Subramanya side. From the two doorways, you need to pay 350 INR ( Indians) and 1000 INR (outsiders). When you enter the woods, you need to leave any of the checkpoint same day itself. The officials will track the individuals who entered the woods. 

To arrive at Beedehalli, get a transport which goes through Somwarpet. From Somwarpet, you can get the absolute first transport to Beedehalli at around 7.30 AM from the private transport stand which is close to KSRTC transport stand. 

The transport will drop you at its last stop, from where you need to stroll about an hour to arrive at the Pushpagiri woods range check post. Taxicabs are additionally accessible from Somwarpet which will drop you very closer to the check post. It will spare some time. 

On the off chance that beginning from the opposite side, Kukke Subramanya, transports are accessible from Banglore and other significant urban areas of Karnataka. Kukke Subramanya is a sanctuary town. From Kukke, the passageway to the path is around 1 km. It will go for around 15 mins stroll to reach there. You need to travel around 7 km from the passageway to arrive at the timberland check post. The method is same there moreover. The path experiences the woodland. From the check post, Kumara Parvatha is another 7 km, which makes complete 14 km. So dependent on comfort, you can begin from any of the passage focuses. 

Convenience during Kumara Parvatha journey 

Because of the expansion in the quantity of individuals coming for the trip, woodland officials are not allowing rising or outdoors these days. The gatekeepers won’t permit you to convey tents after the check post. There are exploring the great outdoors zones close to the backwoods check post. 

Another alternative for remain during Kumara Parvatha journey is the “Bhattara mane” ( sanctuary cleric’s home). You will get a spot to rest by advance booking. Food is additionally accessible there. The odds to discover a room is exceptionally less during ends of the week. So is smarter to convey tents. “Bhattaru mane” and timberland office are the main choices in the event that you have to utilize the latrine. 

Things to know 

Individuals journey to Kumara Parvatha in various manners. As we did, you can begin from Beedehalli, slide through the opposite side around the same time and go through the night in the camp, journey back to Kukke Subramanya following day. It will take two days. 

The following choice is beginning from the Kukke side, journey up to timberland check post first day, camp there for the evening, journey again up to Kumara Parvatha and return to the camp, at that point back to Kukke on the following day. This will be less troublesome however takes three days. 

You can travel up to Kumara Parvatha and return to camp for the night around the same time moreover. For this situation, the complete separation to cover will be 21 km, it will be minimal difficult for your muscles. 

During ends of the week and different occasions, the outdoors ground will be very packed. So on the off chance that you are late to reach back to the camp from the top, the odds to locate an appropriate spot to set up shelters are least. 

It is in every case better to begin your dive as right on time as could reasonably be expected. Contrasted with scaling, descending is more troublesome and take additional time. Strolling in the night isn’t prudent. 

Convey your water bottle, there are barely any streams while in transit to gather water. You need to consume more energy during the trip, so convey enough energy bars or food. 

Other than Kumara Parvatha, the path has one more pinnacle called Shesha Parvatha and hardly any view focuses. The perspectives from the top will cause you to feel glad.

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