Meaning & Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Water


A pressure washer is used for a variety of industrial and commercial cleaning applications. It is a great tool but picking the right type of pressure washer for industrial applications can be confusing.  When looking for a pressure washer, you need to first decide whether you need cold water or hot water pressure washer. Depending on the application for which the pressure washer is going to be used, you need to decide the water temperature and pressure. A pressure washer is used to blast away dirt and grime by dispersing water at high pressure. It is somewhat similar to a garden hose that dispenses water but this machine is designed to release water with a much higher pressure. Most pressure washers spray cold water but for some industrial applications, you can also find a hot water pressure washer. This type of pressure washer increases the water temperature to deliver higher cleaning results.

What is Hot Water Pressure Water?

Pressure washers are used to remove grime, muck, and grease that are tough to remove from surfaces. It is a known fact that hot water is more effective in removing stains and grease. This is because as the temperature gets high, the surface tension of water gets lower. Hot water is more effective in cutting through oil, grease, and stubborn stains. Moreover, it needs less detergent and can even kill bacteria and microorganisms. Also known as “power washers”, a hot water pressure washer works similar to other pressure washers but it is designed to heat water.

It consists of a high-pressure plunger pump, an unloader valve, tubing, and a constrictor nozzle. The pump is used to produce pressure while the heater works to heat water to the desired temperature. When hot water is applied with pressure on the surface, it helps in removing oil or dirt. The heated water is sprayed on the target surface with extreme pressure. These industrial-grade pressure washers are equipped with a coil and burner to heat water. As compared to cold water pressure washers, these are more effective in cleaning and washing grime, grit, and stains.

Benefits of Hot Water Pressure Water

Industrial hot water pressure washers can be used for applications that need deep sanitation or to get rid of oily, stuck-on dirt. This heavy-duty machine is used in several industries such as automotive, construction, general manufacturing, and oil and gas. This type of pressure washer can be gas/propane heated or electricity heated pressure washers. All types of hot water pressure washers offer multiple benefits such as:

1.       Superior Cleaning

Hot water is commonly used to remove stubborn oil and grease. When this hot water is combined with pressure, it significantly improves the cleaning result. By improving emulsification, hot water makes it very easy to remove grease. This results in better cleaning, improved hygiene, and less working time. Hot water works faster in loosening dirt and saves the time needed for cleaning. Using a hot water washer means you get better-cleaned surfaces in less time.

2.       Less Detergent

To remove layers of sticky oil and grime, you need to use a lot of detergents and other cleaning solutions. However, with hot water, you either need little detergent or no detergent at all. Hot water washers can effectively remove dirt without using strong cleaning agents. This helps in reducing detergent costs, as well as protects the environment.

3.       Quick Drying

As compared to cold water, hot water dries more quickly. It means when you use a hot water pressure washer, the surface dries faster. You can get crisp clean surfaces that dry quickly so that you are ready for further processing.

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