Shoe salesmen are always special and without them we wouldn’t be able to pick the right shoe, short of. Their job is to kneel at your feel, suggest your right shoe size, shape & design and walk you through the entire process of footwear buying. Their expert advice together with the keen desire to fetch you the best shoe in the world makes them precious in true sense. In some cases you trust a shoe salesman so much that you don’t think twice before buying on their ideas. However, not all of them alike and some won’t even tell you all scene from the behind.

Here are some of things your shoe salesman won’t tell you-

 1. Shoe salesman won’t ever tell about charm prices

The footwear industry often sets charm prices where things are deliberately kept at 9, 99 or 199 in order to lure you into thinking better. But no shoe salesman worth their salt is going to divulge the true story behind such a pricing and you will always be made to feel as good deals are coming your way. Even if you find a shoe worth $30 offered at $10, you got to first check it out before falling to such heavy discounts. You should always focus on getting the best product irrespective of the pricing.   

2. Shoe salesman won’t ever tell your purchasing habits are traced  

Shoe buyers should know they might be tracked if they use a store loyalty card. Such cards give away buying habits as things get recorded and stores can use the data into luring you into buying more. Based on your previous purchases, footwear retailers can already know what ticks your interest and what types of shoes are going to work for you. That’s why you should be a bit careful while using the loyalty card as it can let shoe salesmen know what to offer you.   

3. Shoe salesman won’t ever tell about urgency phrases

Shoe retailers are always going to use phrases that give a sense of urgency. They might say that certain stock is for limited period only so that you are more inclined to purchasing them. Similarly, you may be bombarded with the offers like “buy one get one free” or get 50% off” and so on, but you don’t need to get enticed buy them and end up purchasing shoes you otherwise would not. You should let them do their job and your focus has to always be getting what you really want in the first place.  

4. Shoe salesman won’t ever tell about scarce tactics

Shoe retailers may use scarce tactic to push you into buying footwear when nothing of that sort actually exists there. In some cases, there may also be per-customer limit which is nothing more than a ploy to seek your urgency and get buyers into buying them. Although it’s good to take stock advice of your shoe salesman, you should always be cautious about heeding too much attention to what they say. Else you might end up buying something you never intended in the first place.  

5. Shoe salesman won’t ever tell about the lure of trials

Shoppers who put on trials shoes are more likely to buy than who won’t don’t put on try anything. Going by this logic, chances are a shoe salesman may chat up you into trying up certain footwear you’re not in need of. He/she may come up with ideas to push you into trying shoes you did not intend trying and when you did, your thought process may change. So, you should always stick to the point and don’t allow the thoughts to stay else the salesman might fall prey onto them for sure.   

6. Shoe salesman won’t ever tell buyers’ psychology

If you’re male, you should try to shop alone as buying with friends might force you to spend more. Women don’t do this but being men and being in the habit of showing off, you might end of spending more than what you were supposed to. And you should not expect shoe salesman to stop you or enlighten you about such risks. But yes, you can also benefit from the concept of shoe designer tool and buy what you exactly need.

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