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IQ tests arouse curiosity, even if they only give a rough idea of ​​a person’s intelligence . We are well aware that the intelligence quotient does not mean everything… There are other forms of intelligence (among others, emotional and creative) which are not evaluated in the IQ afk arena tier list gaming, which is mainly accessed on questions of logic.

However, even if the IQ test is not perfect, it reveals  “non-standard” individuals. Indeed,the majority of the population is found in the zone of 85 to 115 IQ points. A person with a score above 140 points is considered to have  superior intelligence .

So, just to satisfy your curiosity, we present to you 10 of our contemporaries who have  the highest IQ … 

Renowned as the best female chess player in the world, Judit Polgár achieved the title of  International  Chess Grandmaster when she was only 15 years old. Unfortunately for her fans, she recently announced that she was retiring.

Of British origin, Andrew Wiles is a mathematician renowned for having solved, in 1994, one of the most famous mathematical problems:  Fermat’s last theorem . A professor at the prestigious Princeton University, Wiles had the distinction of being made a Knight of the Order of the British Empire, in recognition of his achievements.

With a family name like that, Marilyn Vos Savant was predestined to be one of the most brilliant women in the world. A writer and playwright, she has written for several years for Parade magazine; where she answers all kinds of questions asked by readers. Interestingly, his IQ has been the subject of controversy. First set at 228, when she was 10 years old, it was later ruled that it was actually 186. (Which isn’t so bad, right?!)

Kasparov is a chess grandmaster. He kept the title of world champion from 1985 to 1993. He is recognized for having faced (and lost against) the supercomputer Deep Blue in 1997.

Also a mathematics teacher, Mislav Predavec has been declared the most intelligent man in Croatia. With an intelligence quotient measured at 192, it is very likely that this is true since having such a high IQ is extremely rare.

With the words “born to do math” tattooed on his body, you’d think Richard G. Rosner was a brilliant mathematician. In reality, he earns his living as a screenwriter and public figure, in addition to making ends meet by posing naked for art students.

This American thinker and autodidact had all kinds of occupations. Farm worker, forest firefighter and even a doorman, he did not have a typical academic background. Thinking he knew more than his college professors, Langan quit school to live life his own way. He once won $250,000 on a game show and developed his own model of how the universe works.

A true child prodigy, Kim Ung-Yong could already read Korean, English, German and Japanese at the age of 4. In 1970 he was invited by NASA to continue his graduate studies in the United States; he was then only 9 years old. Today, Kim lives a quiet life in her native South Korea as an assistant professor at the university.

Starting college at the age of 14 and working with NASA at 16, Christopher Hirata is an internationally renowned cosmologist and astrophysicist. He currently teaches astronomy and physics at a university in Ohio.

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