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The COVID has eaten most of the year 2020 and we are all sad about it. However, with most of the country opening up, it is better to make most of the remaining four months rather than to mull about the sad news that may come in the future. Anybody who owns a motorcycle knows this for a fact that riding down the lane on a clear night takes all the depression away. Moreover, if you own a vintage bike along with a vintage motorcycle leather jacket, you own the night. We bring you a motorcycle leather guide for 2020 which will lead to the next season as well. Especially, if you get your genuine vintage jacket from www.lexther.com, you don’t have to worry about durability and changing trends.

Best Color

Any jacket owner will tell you that black is the color to get when it comes to genuine vintage leather jackets. However, if you ask a bike owner, he will tell you that color depends on your mood and the theme of your bike. Therefore, a black jacket may look good on you, but a red cross lapel jacket like this vintage motorcycle leather jackets will make you stand out.

Best Texture

The texture of the jacket may not be important to the naked eye but it is important if you want to use a jacket for a long duration of time. Therefore, always go for full-grain leather and never the Faux PU leather which is being sold in abundance nowadays. The whole collection at Lexther.com is not only vintage and handmade but full-grain leather which gives you a specific texture that is soft in nature and ages beautifully.

Best for casual use

Some leather jackets can pose for a dual purpose. This is essential for people who get off their bikes and go into clubs, bars, and restaurants without taking the jacket off. A true biker jacket may not be the ideal situation in this case. Therefore, you need a vintage leather jacket (in brown) that doubles up as a leather coat when you need it. A good example of such a jacket is the brown leather jacket up for grabs. This is not only in fashion for the remainder of 2020 but years to come as well.

Select the Gender

This is no brainer as a female rider should choose a ladies jacket whereas men should go for the standard leather jacket designs. However, modern trends in 2020 dictate that females are not bound to ladies’ designs only but can easily show off a men’s vintage motorcycle leather jacket with ease if the sizing is done correctly. There is no shame in going for unisex designs if you like the color, fit, and built of the jacket.

Use Your Gut Feeling

This is where intuition plays an important role while selecting leather for the jacket, or a jacket itself. Once you move out of the black zone in a leather jacket, you have a lot of range to choose from. Going for a red jacket if you are a nightcrawler is a good choice and the jackets with stripes on the shoulder and armbands if you are more of a daylight rider. However, if you are not sure you should go for a black distressed jacket that can play numerous roles whenever you want.

Select your Budget

For some this is the only factor weighed in before buying a genuine vintage leather jacket. In earlier times leather jacket was a luxury not afforded by all (even those with expensive bikes). However, with the passage of time, technology and craftsmanship enhanced making the same jacket better in quality and cheaper in price. Saying so, there are still stores that sell leather jackets at an upward price of $600. Buying such an expensive commodity is not recommended especially when you can get the same quality handmade jackets easily.
Therefore, if you are getting a genuine leather jacket for the first time, go for a basic theme that costs around $200. Later on, you can expand your collection with the stand out jackets that help you reach out on and off the bike!

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