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The battle to maintain the internet as a free and open space is ever-present, especially with large companies and governments looking to control its future. Mozilla, the non-profit behind popular web browser Firefox, has been on the front lines of this struggle for two decades now. Last month they launched an event to raise awareness about digital privacy rights called “Mozilla Rally” — a virtual “race” that leads users through engaging activities related to today’s online security issues. Led by Princeton Privacy Director Pamela Bonifacic and Communications Manager Engadget, Rally FireFox challenged participants from around the world with questions and activities aimed at making them aware of the importance of protecting their information online. Read on to learn more about how you can get involved in Mozilla’s fight for a secure internet!


Mozilla Rally FireFox is a virtual race to raise awareness of digital privacy rights. Participants in the rally are asked questions and complete activities related to current online security issues. Participants can choose from a variety of tracks, including Privacy 101 and Data Security Challenges. The goal of the event is to give participants an understanding of how to protect their information online and to spread awareness of the importance of a secure internet.

The Rally is open to anyone, from experts looking for challenges to newcomers interested in learning more about privacy rights. It was led by Princeton Privacy Director Pamela Bonifacic and Communications Manager Engadget, who have both been involved with Mozilla for many years. The event has been a great success and has seen participation from people around the world.

 How did it happen?

The idea for Mozilla Rally FireFox was born out of the need to spread awareness about digital privacy rights and fight against Internet censorship. The rally was created with engagement in mind, using an interactive game-like format to keep participants engaged while they learned. Participants can compete against each other in timed races and work together to find solutions to real-world security challenges.

The Rally has been a huge success, with hundreds of participants taking part in the event. It was an effective way to raise awareness of digital privacy rights and inspire people to take a stand against internet censorship.

What is the Catch?

The catch to participating in Mozilla Rally FireFox is that there are no prizes for completing the event — only a greater understanding of digital privacy rights and the importance of protecting your information online. While this may not be an incentive for some, it’s certainly worth considering as more and more of our personal data becomes vulnerable to hackers every day.

Mozilla Launcing Version 2023

Mozilla is launching Version 2023 of the Mozilla Rally FireFox, which will include all new activities and tracks, as well as a focus on data privacy challenges. The goal of the updated version is to ensure participants are able to keep up with the changing digital landscape and remain informed about the latest developments in online security.

The new version of the Rally will also be more competitive and feature leaderboards for participants to track their progress. The leaderboard rankings will be determined by a combination of factors, such as the time taken to complete activities and the accuracy of an individual’s answers.

Getting Involved

If you’re interested in getting involved, there are several ways to do so. First, sign up for Rally FireFox and create an account. Once you’ve created your account, browse through the various activities and pick one that interests you. You can then join a race and start competing for digital privacy rights by completing the activities and answering questions correctly.

You can also show your support for Mozilla by donating to their cause or volunteering with them in any way possible. Finally, don’t forget to spread the word! Tell your family, friends, and anyone else who cares about their digital privacy rights. With your help, we can make sure the internet remains a free and open space for everyone.


Mozilla Rally FireFox is an important event that raises awareness of digital privacy rights and encourages people to protect their information online. By participating in activities and spreading the word, you can help Mozilla in their efforts to keep the internet secure and free for everyone. Let’s join forces and make sure that no one has to worry about their digital rights being violated!

`FAQs about Mozilla Rally and Firefox

1. What is Mozilla Rally?

Mozilla Rally is an event organised by the non-profit organisation Mozilla to celebrate the launch of their web browser, Firefox. The event took place on August 28th, 2019 in Princeton, NJ and included activities such as coding sprints, talks from mozilla experts and mozilla community members, live music, and more.

2. What is Firefox?

Firefox is a web browser developed by Mozilla. It offers enhanced privacy and security features as well as an open source platform that allows users to customise their browsing experience with various add-ons. Firefox also provides access to the latest web technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS3.

3. Who was in attendance at the Mozilla Rally?

The event was attended by mozillians, tech enthusiasts, students, mozilla developers, and members of the mozilla community. Additionally, mozilla executives and mozilla staff were present to share their excitement about Firefox.

4. What did mozillians and the mozilla community celebrate?

At the event, mozillians and the mozilla community celebrated the launch of Firefox, Mozilla’s web browser. They also shared their experiences with mozilla technologies and discussed how they could help shape mozilla’s future projects.