As one of the most talked-about corporate professional and industrial strategists, Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary shows his expertise while managing many sales, preparing for growth, development, and management enterprises. In the same phase, he made a significant contribution to their overall growth and development while achieving specific organizational objectives. Dhananjay Choudhary currently serves as CEO of Camtech Manufacturing FZCO Group in Dubai, a company which, since 1999, has been engaged in the manufacture of high-quality valves.

Dhananjay Choudhary Camtech is a professional corporation that has over 20 years of tremendous experience and manages expert teams from a variety of critical industries such as engineering, oil and gas, and iron and steel. It has all the expertise and high-end experience required in many fields and demonstrates its supremacy in strategic growth and marketing.

Personal Information

Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary was born in India in August 1973 and graduated from one of India’s most renowned educational institutions with passionate mechanical engineer. He is currently based in Dubai to fulfil his professional commitments with manufacturing company Camtech.


Dhananjay Choudhary Dubai has demonstrated his proven track record as a self-driven, visionary personality and has successfully conducted the core business of some of the leading industry companies with various reputed corporates globally.

Dhananjay Choudhary’s ability to manage operational strategies of numerous enterprises, even under very harsh market circumstances, could very much keep it in line with all on-going market trends.


Mr. Dhananjay led the core teams of different organizations effectively and brought them together with high productivity to achieve their shared organizational objectives. However, it’s excellent planning, implementation, and marketing strategies ensure that different companies can expand and evolve internationally. Dhananjay Choudhary Dubai has all the necessary experience in fields such as planning, research, execution, cost analysis, and results.

Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary Camtech also serves as an expert communicator and presenter despite being a professional business strategist. Well, partly because of his vast experience in the same area, many organizations have met every challenge and mission successfully within time and budget stipulated. He receives all the high accolades from his esteemed customers all over the world with his perfect business skill and innovative marketing abilities.

In addition to being a professional corporate strategist, Dhananjay Choudhary Camtech is an expert communicator and presenter. Well, due in part to his vast experience in the same field, several organizations were successful in meeting every challenge and task within the time and budget set. With its excellent business ability and creative marketing skills, it wins all the great awards from its respected clients all over the world.

Thanks to his leadership skills, Jindal Steel and Strength, the Essar Heavy Enginery, Larsen and Toubro were able to work with the Indians such as Tata Steel, Reliance Petroleum.

Due to his determination and ability to anticipate business trends, he was able to offer professional guidance and advice to his former organizations. He has a highly imaginative and innovative entrepreneurial spirit and can stand against the higher and lower rates of the unforeseen complexity of the business and economy. He was able to complete several big projects with various companies across industries with his current business.

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