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Who is Eddy Nini? He’s a famous music artist dedicated to pursuing a musical career with thousands of followers.

He’s always striving to push the industry‚Äôs standard sonically by collaborating with various artists and producers that have different musical styles than him.

Eddy Nini is no stranger to the stage, throughout his career he has performed in some of the most popular cities in music, venues and so much more. Many people openly look up to him for inspiration worldwide!

We asked Eddy Nini what the music industry is and he said:

“Creative professionals are the heart of the music industry. Songwriters envision a piece of music, its feeling, its words, and its meaning. Often, the writer of a song’s lyrics and the composer of the musical accompaniment are one and the same, though not always.

Some performing artists exclusively give life to the compositions of professional songwriters and never record a track of their own. Other times, performing artists may write their own songs or collaborate to give life to something infused with their creative skills.”

Eddy Nini is definitely inspired by other big musicians!

Eddy are you a performance professional? Also what is a performance professional?

“Performance professionals include everyone who makes a recording or live performance possible. This includes the main star when there is one, all the supporting musicians and vocalists, and the many staffers managing the non-performing details.

When most of us think of the music industry, we think of the starting performers who sing or play instruments to create the music that moves us.

For solo artists, like Celine Dion or Jimi Hendrix, the star is a single person. For bands or other groups, like the Rolling Stones, the starring performers are the key, permanent members of the band.”

With that being said Eddy Nini is clearly intelligent and you should check him out right now below for more information and to stay up to date with what he does!




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