Due to the ongoing tensions of a border territory dispute between India & China, the Government of India has decided to ban 59 Chinese apps including Tik Tok, the most viral short video creation app which had around 1.5 billion downloads and approximately 800 million active users every month. Most importantly, more than 50% of the users on Tik Tok were Indians. With India imposing a ban on Tik Tok, Indian companies have come into the market with their own platform of creating a short video application similar to Tik Tok. Having said that, most of the apps are not even near the 5% efficacy and functionality that Chinese app Tik Tok had.

In a similar race to seize the opportunity and make a mark in the entertainment industry with the introduction of a short video creation app, is Music Binge. Music Binge is the best short video application made by Indians with an intention to promote the idea of “MAKE IN INDIA” and help towards building the new INDIA. Looking at the race to succeed in creating a similar app to Tik Tok, Music Binge is ahead among most of the applications in terms of all the technical aspects. Be it the User Interface, the distinctive features, or the special effects. Although it has not achieved millions of downloads when compared to its competitors but has put in great efforts to reach this position and at the top tier in successfully launching the application in the play store.

With the launch of India’s own short video application “MUSIC BINGE”, the time will fly leaving behind your mark of becoming an influential and successful individual. The stage is all set to let your creativity speak to the world by downloading the application and creating a short, interesting, and innovative video and uploading it to your profile for people to view, like, download, and share with others.

Let go the flame (chingari)  – “of becoming a celebrity” –  inside you become fire and burn the stage by making people follow your trend. Make the most of this opportunity and create as many followers you can and become famous overnight. Music Binge is one of top short video creation app made by Indians which is slowly but steadily trying to reach the heights of success which Chinese based company Tik Tok have achieved. If you were waiting for a Made in India platform after the ban of Tik Tok where you can portray your talent and potential artistry then Music Binge application is for you. This is a platform where people from different opinions can come and entertain themselves by watching videos posted by people across the globe and at the same time create a social environment for people to create and share their own videos.

Music Binge is the Best Indian Music Video application where anybody can be a celebrity by creating their own fan base and only Indian app for free download, share, chat and make new friends. Just create your video, upload it, and make it viral by sharing it on your account. The more Views, Likes, and Followers you get, the higher are your chances of becoming famous. The Content you share may include; Viral Videos, Funny Jokes, News, Movie Clips Shayari, LoveSongs, Entertainment videos, Wishing Messages, and more. 

Below are the distinctive features of Music Binge that sets this application from the others in the market;

  1. User-friendly application – Music Binge application has been developed in such a way that a new user can easily start using it without difficulties.
  2. Share videos with people on other platforms – Application will help you reach your followers on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others by just downloading and sharing the video on different platforms.
  3. Your data is safe –  The user interface of the application is designed to keep and handle the users’ data with much higher safety to avoid infringement issues.
  4. Catchy camera effects – The Music Binge application camera has a collection of cool and eye-catching filters which may be liked by our users 
  5. Chat with user privately –  With the Music Binge application you can have a private conversation with any user rather than having a public conversation in the comments section

The video duration in the Music Binge app is 18 seconds. You can either keep the video for public view or can restrict it to yourself and your friends. You can also tag your friends in the video which will appear to them as a notification. There are a lot of filters that you can use to create viral videos with distinct content which the people may like and enjoy. Music Binge is here to stay as the video content consumption continues to grow at a much higher pace than it was in 2019 and the social media market is now slowly the secondary platform to spend time on as per the recent analysis.

This is the first-ever Music Video Application by Indians. So, help and support our cause of Make in India movement by sharing the app with your friends and family. Let’s grow together.

Excited to become a star overnight. Then, this is the best platform for you. So, do not wait further as waiting further is delaying your success. Go to the play store now and download the Music Binge app and start your dream run of making followers and becoming famous.

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